2009-2010 Elementary School Laptop Upgrade Initiative
With reductions in staffing, the IT Department has received many Macbook laptops from teachers who were participating in various Technology Integration Initiatives. These laptops have been cleaned, re-imaged with the latest software, and are being made available to teachers who have successfully completed a previous SPPS Technology Integration Initative.

Participant Eligibility:
Allfull-time, elementary school classroom teachers who have successfully completed a previous Tech Integration Initiative are eligible. Thisprogram is limited to amaximum of 24 participants. Class sizes and number of students serveddaily will be an award factor.

Participants Will Receive:
Participantsaccepted into the Elementary Laptop Upgrade Initiative will receive use of a wirelesslaptop computer with software.  Thelaptops are not new. All have been re-imaged, cleanedand refurbished. Participants maykeep this hardware and software package as long as they continue tomeet the requirements of the Initiative. Failure to meet theserequirements will result in forfeiture of initiative equipment.

Specific Requirements:
  • Complete the online application.
  • Participate in 2 hour orientation training by October 23, 2009 (choose one of two sessions posted in PD Express)
  • Online Classes: Three Information Literacy seminars (1st by December 9;2nd by February 10; 3rd by April 21, approx. 3 hours total)
  • Submit a Tech Integration Project (see below).
  • Read and respond to Technology Integration emails.
  • Perform periodic, preventative maintenance on hardware, run software updates and maintain clean equipment.
  • Be responsible for the care and security of equipment.
Technology Integration Project
All accepted participants will need to submit one project example of how they have integrated technology into teaching and learning in their classroom in the 09-10 school year. The submission will include a lesson plan, student work examples, rubric, photos from the project, a short written narrative, and a short video of you explaning the project. These tech integration project examples will be posted on a website for other teachers to view.

The video can be as simple as using the built-in iSight camera on your laptop and iMovie. Two minutes in length is enough. Click here to view an example movie.

Registration Process:
Participationis limited. Applications will be accepted until September 27,2009. Accepted participants will be notified via email by October 2, 2009.

Click here for the application page: