2009-2010 High School Technology Integration Initiative

We are pleased to announce thatSaint Paul Public Schools Information Technology Department is again therecipient of an E2T2 grant that will allow this program to continuein the high schools.

Participant Eligibility:
Allfull-time, high school classroom teachers including teachers from highschool ALP programs are eligible. The second round of the 2009-10 program is limited to amaximum of 32 participants. As per the conditions of the grant, student impact must be maximized. Class sizes and number of students served daily will be an award factor.

Participants Will Receive:
Participantsaccepted into the Integration Initiative will receive use of a wirelesslaptop computer with software, and an LCD Projector. The laptops are new but the LCD projectors are not. All have been cleaned and refurbished. Many no longer have the remote control. Participants maykeep this hardware and software package as long as they continue tomeet the requirements of the Initiative. Failure to meet theserequirements will result in forfeiture of initiative equipment.

Workshop Requirements:
Attend all required Integration Initiative trainings (specific dates and times will be available in PDExpress):
  • Workshop I: Orientation (by Oct. 8, 3 hours)
  • Workshop II: Choice of Topics (by November 20, 2 hours)
  • Workshop III: Choice of Topics (by March 31, 2 hours)
  • Workshop IV: Student Showcase (May 26, 2 hours)
  • Online Classes: Three Information Literacy seminars (1st by December 9;2nd by February 10; 3rd by April 21, 3 hours total)
  • Online Learning Community: Technology Integration PLC (ongoing)

Specific Requirements:
  • Complete the online application.
  • Participate in 12 hours of formal training, including the online classes.
  • Signup to conference with your coach in your classroom for a minimum of 3periods on 3 separate days. These dates cannot be canceled, but may berescheduled.
  • Set up equipment by Day 1.
  • Create and maintain a web page using Urban Planet by October 30, 2009.
  • Read and respond to Technology Integration emails.
  • Perform periodic, preventative maintenance on hardware, run software updates and maintain clean equipment.
  • Be responsible for the care and security of equipment.
  • Complete pre- and post-assessments describing integration project efforts and impact on teaching and learning.
Registration Process:
Participationis limited. Applications will be accepted until September 27,2009. Accepted participants will be notified via email by October 2, 2009.

Registration link: http://www.connect.spps.org/2009-10Registration.html