Info for submitting a PDP plan
1.  This is  the goal of our PDP and how it relates to the district /School initiatives:
This initiative supports the work of the Saint Paul Public Schools Project for Academic Excellence standards based literacy program as well as district and Minnesota content standards.
The International Society of Technology Educators (ISTE) NETS for Teachers and Students will guide the work of this program. These standards will assist us in documenting our efforts to ensure that all SPPS students are technologically literate by grade 8.

2.  This is why we chose this goal:

  • To assist every student in crossing the digital divide.
  •  Foster critical thinking skills.
  • Support learning activities that could not otherwise be accomplished without technology.
  • To encourage the effective integration of technology resources and systems with teacher training and curriculum development.

3.  These are the strategies we will use to reach our goals:
Success in this initiative requires meeting and communicating with your coach regularly to develop and implement an integration plan for your classroom.

Throughout the school year develop, utilize, and maintain eMac (and other computers in your room) as student learning station(s), connecting learning station activities with academic standards and established instructional goals. SLS activities will be designed with these guiding questions in mind:

  1. What will students learn as a result of completing your SLS activity?
  2. What will students produce in the activity?
  3. How will you assess learning?

Utilize presentation station activities within academic standards and established instructional goals from content areas and programs such as the following. Reader's Workshop Writer's Workshop, Math, Social Studies and Science.

Please provide feedback regarding the Integration Initiative and your integration efforts. What worked? What did not? How could you improve the Initiative and your efforts?

4.  This is how we will measure student results:

5.These are the dates we will meet and what we will do at our meetings:

  • SEPTEMBER 5: 1. Set up computer and projector. 2. Begin developing presentation station components. 3. Implement your first independent learning station activities.
  • SEPTEMBER 15: Attend Kick-Off Integration Workshop I (2hrs).
  • OCTOBER 19: Meet with coach for first individual planning session.
  • OCTOBER 31: Attend Integration Workshop II (2hrs).
  • DECEMBER 16: Meet with coach for second planning session.
  • FEBRUARY: Attend Integration Workshop III (2hrs).
  • MARCH 3: Meet with coach for third planning session.
  • APRIL 1: Presentation Station required elements completed.
  • May 31: Attend or present at Technology Showcase at Arlington High School.

Additional information:
Please see our website for additional information on this project.

How do I access PDexpress?
All course offerings as well as tracking progress on the integraiton initiative is done through pdexpress. Here is the link and some useful videos to show you how to use PDexpress.
Who is Eligible for participation?
Teachers of self-contained grade 3 and 6 classrooms are eligible to apply. Specialists, special education, and middle school grade six teachers are not eligible. In schools with job share, multi-age, and specialist/regular ed combined positions, eligibility is limited to one computer/projections system for each class (25-30 3rd or 6th grade students).
What are the Requirements for Participation in the Integration Initiative?
All requirements need to be completed by the end of the 2005-2006 school year.
  • Initiative Kick-off Orientation: June 16 or 17 (3.5 hours, choice of AM or PM session).
  • Two two-hour workshops to be offered in September 2005 and January 2006.
  • Meet with TIS coach regularly on site (3 times at least).
  • Expand the use of technology in your classroom using computers as student learning stations(Attach planning sheet).
  • Undertake new ways to integrate available technology into your teaching when appropriate.
  • Track these technology integration teaching efforts and your workshop attendance through the use of PD Express.
  • Present an overview of your technology integration efforts at a staff or team meeting once during the school year.
  • Complete a year-end assessment of the effectiveness of the Technology Integration Program and its impact on teaching and learningin your classroom.
  • Run periodic software updates on the Integration eMac.

For the Advanced option these are the additional requirements:
  • Develop a Presentation Station Utilization Plan in PDExpress
  • Perform periodic, preventative maintenance. cleaning of projector.
  • Two two-hour workshops to be offered in September and October 2005 and January and April 2006.
  • One additional elective workshop
Besides completing these requirements, in order to remain active in the initiative in future years, a participant needs to be a teacher of a self -contained, grade 3-6 class in the same school.
What equipment is provided?
Participants in good standing will have on-going access to a wireless eMac computer and related integration software. A limited number of participants, that agree to complete the additional requirements, will receive a LCD projections system as well.
Who owns the equipment?
All This equipment is the property of of the Educational Technology Department. All Integration participants in good standing, that continue to teach at the same school and a participating grade, will have on-going access to the equipment.
Who is responsible for loss or damage to the equipment?
Any equipment associated with this initiative has been checked out to, and is intended to be used solely by the participant. Costs associated with loss or damage to the equipment outside of normal use is the responsibility of the teacher.
I am changing my job position, can I keep the equipment?
No. You must return your equipment. If you are moving to a full time 3,4,5 or 6th grade teaching position in the same school, you will receive the equipment again next year.
I am changing schools, can I keep the equipment?
No. You must return your equipment. If you are moving to a full time 3,4,5 or 6th grade teaching position in a school that had a trained teacher leave, you will receive that available equipment the following school year. If there is no excess equipment, you will be eligible to join the next available initiative cohort but will be responsible for completing any additional requirements.
What happens if I do not fulfill the requirements for participation?
A review of your implementation plan will be made on or before November 30th, February 28 and end of year. If significant progress has not been made by these dates, we reserve the right to reassign your equipment to wait listed teachers.
How do I keep track of participation in the Integration Initiative?
As an active participant, you are responsible for assuring that all requirements are fulfilled. To help facilitate this process, we have created a web based Professional Development tool called PDExpress. This tool can be accessed at A review of your implementation plan will be made on or before November 30th and February 28. If significant progress has not been made by these dates, we reserve the right to reassign your equipment to wait listed teachers.
I fulfilled my participation requirements last year, can I still utilize my coach?
Yes. Contact your coach from last year to schedule a meeting.
Who do I call if my equipment fails?
Your hardware is under a three year warranty. Often, problems might be easy to fix so we recommend contacting your building level tech support if you are having issues. If you do not have a building level support person and are unable to troubleshoot the issue on your own, please call the help desk @603-HELP.
Can someone else use my equipment?
Any equipment associated with this initiative has been checked out to, and is intended to be used solely by that person. Since hardware is limited, if you do not use the equipment, we ask that you return it so that it can be assigned another waiting teacher can.
What do you mean by technology integration?
Technology integration is using computers effectively and efficiently in the general content areas to allow students to learn how to apply computer skills in meaningful ways. It is having the curriculum drive technology usage, not having technology drive the curriculum.
What constitutes a sufficient level of participation?
Your coach can help explain this, please contact them.
How often do you check in with us?
As an active participant, you are required to meet with your coach as least three times through out the year. Additionally, we will check in with you periodically to make sure there are no hurdles preventing you from completing your requirements. Occasionally, we will send you emails with resources we have found that might be useful.
Additional Documents.
Here are the current documents for the Inegration Initiative