Technology Integration: ISTE NETS Standard 4. CriticalThinking and Problem Solving

This workshop will focus on the use of technology in regards to ISTE NETS Standard 4. Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making. Software titles that participants will become familiar with in this workshop include spreadsheet (Excel), database (InspireData), simulation (online examples including those from the new science textbook adoption), and the probe software by Vernier.

InspireData Install Fix! Click here.

1.    Guiding Question: How does technology assist in scientific inquiry?
a.    Efficiency
b.    Accuracy
2.    Technology suited for managing data and scientific inquiry.
a.    Spreadsheet (Excel)
•    Example: Algebraic Problem Solving Using Spreadsheets
b. Database (InspireData)
•    Example:
•    Additional Examples (Archived Webcasts):
c.    Simulation (Textbook Adoption)
•    Example:
•    Other Examples:
d.    Vernier Probes: Vernier hardware is used in small-group and interactive group settings. Students are able to conduct a variety of experiments and watch live as data is graphed. Available sensor hardware include Go!Motion, PH, Voltage, Light, and Temperature. The SPPS DMC has necessary hardware, including class sets of laptop computers, available for checkout for your project.
  • Example Sample Labs:
3.    Additional Resources:
a.   InspireData: