Change Advisory Board Meeting (CAB) Meeting Agenda

  • Change Manager presents list of changes in order they were submitted
  • Members present their impact analyses covering the 7 R’s of change:

Who RAISED the Change?
What is the REASON for the change?
What RETURN will the change deliver?
What RISKS are there is we do or do not carry out the change?
What RESOURCES will be required to perform this change?
Who is RESPONSIBLE for this change being performed?
What RELATIONSHIPS are there between this and other changes?

  • CAB attendees indicate whether they support the change or not.  They are prepared to argue their point at the Change Advisory Board meeting as to whether or not the RFC should be approved
  • CAB discusses previously failed or backed out changes and lessons learned if any
  • CAB then schedules any approved changes and adds to Change Schedule.  Any needed Service Outage is documented for the Projected Service Outage (PSO) document
  • If needed an update the change management process itself if necessary for Continuous Service Improvement
  • Any past CAB accomplishments are communicated