TimeLiner Activity: Life Timeline

Student timelines of their life events
Timeliner 5.0

Students will create individual timelines highlighting significant dates. The timelines are created in Timeliner and can be printed for display.

Introduce as an independent activity. Students will work on their timelines individually according to the posted schedule.

Students can use a take-home sheet to help them gather dates with the help of family members. Examples may be: birthday, first day of Kindergarten, broken arm, learned to ride a bike, baby sibling born, moved to St. Paul, etc...  The teacher may decide to allow students to bring in photos or artifacts to take a picture of with the digital camera allowing students to import into Timeliner.

Independent work:
Using the completed take-home sheet students will enter the dates and descriptions using the Timeliner program.

Launch Timeliner.
For the first time click on the “New” button.
Choose a “standard” timeline.
Click on “New Event”.
Enter the date in the “When” box. The format month-date-year seems to work best. If there is a start and stop date, click on the little box next to the word “to” and you’ll be able to enter the end date. Ex: Lived in Minneapolis, June 2001 - April 2004.
Next enter the “What” information. This should be brief. If you want students to write more than 3 or 4 words about the event, have them click on “Notes” and type it there. When done click on the OK button.

Repeat for each event. They do not have to be entered in order. If students want to add photos they can do so at a later date.

When students are finished working or their time is up they should save by going to Timeliner>Quit Timeliner. The first time they will have to name their timeline, ex: Jimmy’s timeline. Make sure they know what folder to save it to.

To open a saved timeline, go to the folder it was saved in and double click on the file.

To view as a timeline, choose the style from the selection on the top of the page. The 2nd or 3rd usually work best.

Additional Ideas:
The Teacher may want to take a photo of each child and have them all include the first day of this school year as an event with the photo attached.

Any picture or artifact the students may bring in can be shot with the digital camera. You don’t need to use a scanner for copying photos, just take a picture of the picture.

Clip art or stock photo sites can be used to add to student Timelines if you desire. Avoid Google image search!

Students can share their timeline as a presentation using the LCD projector. The Slideshow option works well for this.

Additional help can be found at www.atomiclearning.com, click on Macintosh tutorials and then click on TimeLiner 5.0.

Personal Timeline Activity

Dear Families,

Your student is going to create a timeline of important events in his/her life. Please help them generate a list to bring to school.

If there is a picture or item that relates to the event, they are more than welcome to bring it to school. We will take a digital photo of it and it will be returned home that same day. Please do not send anything valuable or fragile.

If you have any questions, please call me at school. Thank you for your help!

Mr. Nelson

    Date(s)            Event