Rules, Reminders, Schedules

Posted Rules and Reminders.

  • No Printing
  • No Games
  • Always save to your folder.
  • Items left on the computer desktop will be trashed.
  • Internet is for educational purposes only. No Surfing!
  • Always Quit applications when finished, do not just close them.
    Make sure the students know the difference!
  • Always leave computer on until the end of the day

Scheduling/Keeping Track

  • Demo new software or projects using LCD during large group instruction.
  • Think about how you schedule time on the computers. Remember equal opportunity.If you let the students who finish work first go to the computer, the students who are kinesthetic learners and need to be on the computer don't get the chance.
  • Put a timer and a student roster next to the computer. You might construct a chart or database to track which students have had a turn on the computer Teach the students how to set the timer for 15 minutes and to tap the next person on the shoulder when they are done. Use a "computer baton" for students to pass from one to the other as they take turns at the computer
  • Have a class schedule posted where students rotate at 15 minute
    shifts all day, even during direct instruction. Use this schedule at
    different times during the week, so students don't miss the same class
    instruction each day (Student A starts Monday at 8:15, Tuesday at
    10:00, Wednesday at 12:30, Thursday at 1:45, and Friday at 3:00). Since
    they are in the classroom while working on their assignments, they
    still hear all the necessary instruction.You may use either a time or a defined task to determine the length of a child’s turn at the computer.