Acceptable Use of Internet and E-Mail Resources

Dear Parent,
    Our children live in a global and digital world – aworld changed by technology and new ideas about how we communicate withone another.  In the Saint Paul Public Schools, we realize thatstudents must develop the skills that will allow them to be successfulin this digital world.  For this reason, we have decided toprovide students the use of the Internet, email, and computer access asa privilege.


As required by federal law, the district uses Internet filteringsoftware to prevent access to sites that may be controversial,inappropriate, or may contain advertising.  However, even withthese measures, it is impossible to totally control what students mayencounter.  It is important that students be responsible users ofthe Internet and use district network resources appropriately.
Also, students should expect only limited privacy in the contents of personal files on the school district’s system.

Rights and Privileges
The student user has the privilege to access (within the limits ofthese Restrictions and Sanctions)  the Internet,instructional-networked resources, email and computers provided by theSaint Paul Public Schools. The student's network account provides forpersonal storage space on Saint Paul Public Schools email and fileservers.  These resources should be treated as a student locker -- old files should be thrown away to save space and to help studentsmanage their papers.   Additionally,  It is importantthat students keep passwords secure and private.


The following are unacceptable use of these privileges:
  • Gaining unauthorized or inappropriate access to the district’s technology resources.
  • Interfering with the ability of students/staff members to use the district’s technology resources.
  • Activities resulting in the loss of a student/staff member’s work.
  • Distributing material that may slow or block the voice, video and data networks.
  • Distributing or collecting obscene, abusive or threateningmaterial via telephone, video, electronic mail, the Internet or othermeans.
  • Using technology resources for commercial, political or profit-making enterprises.
  • Engaging in any illegal act,  including violation of copyright laws.
  • Posting private information about another person.

Violations of the district’s Information Technology Usage Policy orunacceptable use of these tools could result in the loss of access toelectronic resources. Additional disciplinary action may be determinedat the building and/or classroom level and when appropriate, lawenforcement agencies may be involved.  Parents also have the rightto refuse to permit their child(ren) to use Internet and/ore-mail  services while attending school in Saint Paul PublicSchools.  

Parent or Guardian – Please read and sign:
As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read the schooldistrict’s policies relating to acceptable use of the Internet andother district information technology resources and I prefer that he/she do not have access to the following tools:

    Student Name – Please Print

?    I DO NOT want the district to issue an e-mail account for my child.
?    I DO NOT give permission for my child to use information on the Internet.
?    I DO NOT give permission for my child to use a computer.

Parent or Guardian’s Name – Please Print

Signature  _________________________________ Date:  _____________

Please return this form to your child’s Principal.