Administrator see sharepoints, not volumes


Mac OS X Server 10.3, 10.4: Administrator sees share points, notvolumes

When an administrator logs on via Apple File Service (AFP), sheis presented with the server share points. This differs from version10.2 behavior, in which the server's volumes were presented. Learn howto switch between share points and volumes.

Note: To change the behavior for 10.2 server, see technical document 107621.

You can change this behavior by editing the preference file"". In that file, the value for the property"admin31GetsSp" may be set to true or false. It is true by default.Changing it to false will cause volumes to be presented when anadministrator logs on via AFP. Though you may edit the file in any texteditor of choice, the quickest way is to use the "defaults" command inTerminal. Follow these steps at the server:
1.    In Server Admin, stop Apple File Service.
2.    Open Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).
3.    Type:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ admin31GetsSp false

4.    Press Return.
5.    Enter your administrator password when prompted, and press Return.
6.    Quit Terminal.
7.    Restart Apple File Service.

Remote administration

If you need to administer remotely, you may use the above command in anssh session. Alternatively, you may also use this command:

sudo serveradmin settings afp:admin31GetsSp = no