SPPS Apps Resources
On this page you will find links to a variety of resources to help you get started in using SPPS Apps

Intro to Google Docs -- class handout

Google Docs for Educators

"Google Docs in Plain English" -- TeacherTube video

Google Apps Education Community

Docs KeyBoard Shortcuts

Google Docs Lesson Plans

Submit your own Google Docs Lesson Plan Ideas

Twenty Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom -- presentation

How to Make a Self-Calculating Survey (or self-grading quiz) -- click the download button under the illustration to download a PDF with the directions

As We May Teach - podcast on using Google Docs and Mashups inthe Classroom -- subscribe to the three podcasts in iTunes -- copy theURL and paste it into iTunes --
  • Networked Collaboration 101: Exploring Google Docs
  • Synthesizing Information: Google Docs and Mashups
  • Collaboration and Peer Instruction: Google Docs and Forms

Google Workshops for Educators -- scroll to the bottom of the page for their Link Library to access a variety of PDFs and linked documents and presentations