August 27, 2008 Building Tech Meeting Minutes

August Tech Meeting.  Aug 27, 2008

Introductions, new faces.

Network upgrade.  Schools went from single T1 (1.5 Mb)  to 10 MB.  "Hub sites" are at 100MB.  Pipe to the internet is currently at 100MB from 40 MB.  Less Hub-and-spoke structure, more of a cloud for connectivity to increase uptime for all schools.  All sites will be on the QMOE cloud rather than going through a hub site.
5 sites will stay on T1 lines because of limitations with Qwest.  75% done today.  Future growth is easier to add now.
Contact Brian Bartle if you are interested in the status of your building.

Business Office updates:  
Mileage is online now.  Electronic submission.
login with webmail name and password.  Must be electronic as of 9.1.2008
Fill out Profile the first time.  List of school addresses, hand enter non-spps sites.  Mileage calculated with Google Maps.  You can now track your submission.
Portlet in myportal for this also.
Help on   or   email:

Lexmark Printer Supplies can be ordered from Office Depot online.

Integration Initiatives:  In High Schools.  165 HS teachers. Integration, Information Literacy.  Training open to all staff, but members of initiative are required to attend.    At the end of this year, the dept. will have trained over 1000+ trained through these programs.  New Teacher laptop initiative again for new classroom teachers can sign up for program online by Sept. 15th.
Hamline cohort of teachers training for Technology Integration Education certificate to offer graduate-level classes for teachers.  25 teachers.
Let Steve Buettner know of teachers who have been in program in the past and lost equipment due to eligibility, maybe they can get some equipment back.

Online Learning Management System.  You teachers can request a class or participate in one.  Students loaded in nightly to be up to date.

Casper and Recon:  Current version 5.13 moving to 6.0 this fall.  Computers that are recon'd correctly can get help much easier than ones that aren't.  We will be imaging and pushing policies and packages with Casper on Macs more this year.  Training will be available.

Hardware purchasing:  Soon will be in iProcurement to order computers.  Apple, Lenovo and Dell.  Recommended systems will be there as well as the option for Custom orders.   Top software titles will be in iProcurement also.  Better tie-in of software and hardware order to link computers and software.  Recommended printers will be in iProcurement also.  Order workflow will be approved.  Other hardware may be added?  LCD projectors

LCD Projector bulbs.  Check Rodney's AV website for order form and re-building process.

Enterprise Apps.  Read180 and FasttMath  Justin will start imports Friday morning.  Teachers login first intial lastname and password.  Students use Campus login.  Techs same as last year.  Installer CDs at Help Desk.  SuccessMaker  same as last year on Novell servers.  SuccessMaker will be migrated to Windows and AD later in the year.  Justin Hennes is the contact.

Google Apps for Education.  Replacing current email system.  Adding Calendar, Start Page and Docs.  Gadgets need to be approved first by request.  Students login with Campus username and password.  7-12 grade students auto-created.  Students CAN change their password.   Building techs can reset student password from
Student username and password export same as last year.

Urban Plant servers.  Multiple new Servers for Urban planet.  went from 1 instance to 3 instances to help balance load on websites.  If you are a Urban Planet administrator for your site, please let George Adams know.  
New District website design.  Other department sites will be be changed to reflect the common style.  new link standards to be setup.
New Design Guidelines to be used.

Elementary Summary Reports. Supported via Lori Haaland and the Curriculum Department.  Tech responsibilities include install and works.  

Active Directory.   Better Management for Windows computers.  Central File Storage. Each user has a single unique login.  new Username for new system.  Users will have network storage available.   All computers will need to be "bound" to AD.  Local user data needs to be migrated on clients.  Computers that were checked out for the summer need to be bound and data migrated.
Single sign-on will be coming for more systems.  Building Techs will be able to see groups/users in their buildings and have rights to reset student passwords.  
AD users (staff and students) do NOT have local admin access on computers by default.

Altitris will be coming to manage Windows computers like Casper.  This will also include new help ticket system.