Burning CD's on your eMac

The "Up Arrow" key. It opens the CD drive door and tray.
There are many reasons why you may want to burn a CD on your eMac. This is a very secure way to back up, or make copies of, important documents to guard against their loss in case of a hard drive malfunction. It's easy to share files with others by burning CD's. CD's are getting cheaper all the time too.

For your eMac you can buy CDr, CD+r or CD-r. Don't use CDrw.

To begin, simply insert a blank CD into your
When you see this, just click OK
computer drive. To open the drive press the up-arrow key on the upper right hand corner of your keyboard. Once your computer reads the CD, you will get a message, just press OK.

On you desktop you will see the icon for the Untitled CD. Drag and drop any folders or files you wish to burn to the CD. The computer will make a copy of these files on the CD.

CD's hold 700mb. That's a lot of files.

When you
Name it and Burn it Baby!!!!
are finished copying the files you're ready to burn the disk. Here's how:
  • Click once on the CD icon on your desktop to select it.
  • On your menu bar at the top of your screen click on File, then Burn Disk.
  • You can name the disk if you'd like, click burn.
  • Watch the status bar to check progress. When done press the up-arrow key again to eject your disk.

It's that easy!