Campus Instructional Guides (PDF Print Materials)

Some PDFs previously posted to this page have been removed. Remaining PDFs cover content specific to SPPS custom applications and/or processes related to Campus. For general Campus training refer to (Campus username and password) for the most current training materials.

Enrollment Options

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End of Year Procedures for Clerks

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Secondary Summer School

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ALC (Secondary Schools) Enrollments, Schedules, Web Attendance and Grades
PDF Campus Enrollment for ALC Sec Extended Day   --  Use this document to correctly add or end student enrollments at your ALC secondary extended day site.
PDF No Show Students ALC Secondary Extended Day   --  Use this document to correctly no-show non-appearing extended day students.
PDF EDP Web Attendance and Grades for TEACHERS   --  Teachers should use these instructions for marking Secondary Extended Day Program attendance and term grades.
PDF ALC Extended Day Course and Section Setup   --  Use this document to set up your extended day schedule including creating, editing and deleting sections.
PDF Walk-In Scheduling for Secondary Extended Day   --  Correctly add, delete or end classes for secondary extended day students.
PDF Summer Web Attendance for Administrative and Office Staff 2011-12   --  Administrative and office staff should use these instructions for running reports and when editing attendance for Summer. Updated 6/6/11
PDF Indentifying No Show Students   --  How to identify students to mark as no show.
Attendance for Office Staff
PDF Absence Codes   --  Explanations, abbreviations and uses.
PDF Attendance Packet for Office Staff   --  Includes complete Instructions for school office staff to mark Campus attendance using individual student attendance and the Attendance Wizard, the most efficient tool for attendance-marking.
PDF Period Count Report   --  Use this versatile report to find attendance by date or date range, find 15-day drops or get a list of students with Perfect Attendance.
PDF Substitute Teacher List for Attendance   --  Print a class list for your substitute teachers.
PDF Attendance Grid Report   --  This St Paul-created report displays in grid-format a student's year-to-date attendance. Use the report to see attendance information from the current or previous years and schools.
PDF ADM ADA Attendance Report   --  This report displays percent of attendance for a school. Can be displayed in Summary or Detail-by-student format.
PDF Consecutive Absence Report   --  Use this report to find consecutive absences for a date range, such as to find 15-day drops.
PDF Attendance Register Report   --  Calculates whole and half day attendance for a day or a week, depending on the option selected.
Census - Student Enrollment Records
PDF Add School Enroll Record   --  Add a new student enrollment record for your school.
PDF Edit or End a Student's Enrollment Record   --  Shows how to change or end a student's enrollment record.
PDF Enrollment Start Codes   --  Use this list for correct start codes when enrolling a student at your school.
PDF Enrollment End Codes   --  Refer to this list of enrollment end status codes for ending a student's enrollment record at your school.
PDF Kindergarten Grade-Level Designation   --  Explanation of Kindergarten grade level choices.
PDF Ethnic Codes   --  Use this list as a guide to declare a student's racial/ethnic code.
PDF No-Show Students (Missing Students Report)   --  Use the Missing Student report to delete the enrollment record of a student who has not attended your school this year.
PDF Homebound Students   --  Describes Homebound types and outlines the procedure for marking homebound students in Campus.
PDF Charter School Codes   --  Enrollment codes for students coming from or going to charter schools.
PDF Frequently Called Phone Numbers   --  Use this list of phone numbers for answers to Campus enrollment-related questions.
PDF School List   --  Use this list to find school names and their three-digit school number.
Ad Hoc Reporting
PDF Using Ad Hoc   --  Describes how to use the Ad Hoc feature in Campus.
PDF Create, Edit or Export Queries and Filters   --  This document will guide you through creating a filter or query. It will guide you through applying the filter for searches or to reports. Use this document also as a guide to exporting data and importing into Excel.
PDF Campus Behavior   --  Add, edit or delete a student discipline/behavior event and resolution.
PDF Behavior-Related Reports   --  Outlines how to use Behavior Summary reports.
PDF SPPS Behavior Letters   --  Instructions for using District-approved letters to send to parent/guardian of suspended or dismissed students.
Census - Household Maintenance
PDF Census Household Maintenance   --  Use this document to verify, update or create a student's household setup including household name, address, household membership and relationships.
PDF Household Setup Tips   --  Use this document as a quick reference for properly setting up households and relationships in Campus Census.
PDF Address Tips--Finding and Using   --  Use this page to assist you with successfully searching for hard to find addresses such as P.O. boxes, rural routes and other special address situations. Includes general address tips as well.
PDF Address Not Found in Campus   --  Instructions for adding an address to the Campus system.
PDF Campus Phone Numbers   --  Use this booklet when adding/changing household, work and cell phone numbers in Campus. Also includes instructions for correctly attaching an emergency phone number for a non-household member such as a relative, day care or neighbor.
PDF Household Corrections Flow Chart   --  Use this flow chart to visually see the process needed when a student moves to a different household.
PDF Student Resident District Change Form   --  Whenever a student moves into or out of the district while continuing to attend your school, you MUST complete this form (or follow other options on the attachment).
PDF Name or Birth Date Change or Correction   --  Follow directions in this document when making a change or correction to a student's name or birth date in Campus.
PDF Contact Flags   --  Add a flag alert regarding a restraining order to a student's records.
PDF Set Up Three-Generation Families in Campus   --  Use this guide to correctly set up families that include a mother, a teen student/parent and her child.
PDF Splitting a Household   --  Use this document to walk you through splitting a household from one to two separate households (Example: divorce situation).
PDF Contact Flags   --  Add a flag alert regarding a restraining order to a student's records.
PDF General Flag Information   --  Use this document to learn how to add a Programs flag to a student's Student Information file.
PDF Violent Incident Report (VIR) Flag   --  Follow directions to correctly add a Violent Incident Report indicator on a student's record.
PDF Elementary Course Setup   --  Set up courses for the elementary school schedule.
PDF Section Numbering Logic   --  This document explains in detail the way elementary sections should be numbered.
PDF Elementary Walk-In Scheduling   --  Learn to place students into their classes using the Walk-In Scheduling tool in Student Information.
PDF Elementary Special Education Teacher Student List   --  Give a copy of this document to each of your Special Education teachers, have them complete it and return it to you. This should make adding students to Special Education classes easier for you.
PDF Student Gap Scheduler Report   --  Use this tool to find students with missing or partial schedules.
PDF Course Number Example   --  Use this example to better understand how to read a course number.
PDF Scheduling Wizard Presteps   --  Use this checklist as a guide as you prepare to using the Scheduling Wizard.
PDF Scheduling Rules   --  Secondary Schedulers can use Scheduling Rules as a way to control the placement of courses in a student's schedule.
PDF Schedule Wizard Reminders   --  This document outlines the steps to take as you work in the Scheduling Wizard.