Campus, Firefox and PDFs on OS X

 With Campus 2005 you have some new things to take care of to help yourweb browser work better. I recommend Firefox for OS X users and PCusers, too. It is fast, handles Java and PDFs and on the PC it is lessprone to spyware and adware.

Here are some of the settings for the Firefox preferences that I use:

Firefoxis now the recommended browser of choice for Campus on OS X (and soonto be for Urban Planet). You will need to change a few settings foreach user to make things work better in Campus. This means changes youmake for the admin dont change the settings for other users. The firsttime you open Firefox it takes a while to launch as it configuressettings and preferences for the first time.

Go the Firefox >> Preferences menu.
At the General tab, set the homepage to
Underthe Privacy Tab, Uncheck the box for Saved Form Information, Uncheckthe box for Saved passwords, Check the box for Cookies for theoriginating website only and Under the Cache tab, change the amount to 50 to 500 KB instead of 50000 KB. The other settings can be left alone.

Youwill also want to test Firefox with different web elements. Make surethat quicktime files work, shockwave, flash, mp3s, PDFs, etc. The firsttime you open a PDF, you will need to check the button for Educationaluse. The first time you open the Campus Gradebook Java Applet, you'llneed to click the "Grant Always" button.

Special Education forms and PDFs
For Special Education teachers that have caseloads and need to fill outforms in the browser and save the data back to Campus, they need somehelp.
  • Their Mac must be at OS X 10.3.8 or above.
  • Install Firefox
  • Install Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 6 or 7 work fine.) When you install Reader 7, it will put a PDF plugin into the/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ folder called "AdobePDFviewer.plugin" I move this out of the folder or delete it.  It only works withSafari and we don't use Safari with Campus.  The Schubert pluginworks in Safari so stick with it.  I also tell Adboe not to be thedefault browser helper when it asks.
  • Install the Schubert plugin into /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  • Open Firefox and go to a page with a standard PDF and open itonce to make sure it opens the PDF in the browser with theplugin.  Check the "Educational Use" box.  Save the PDF toyour desktop.
  • Quit Firefox and go to the desktop.
  • Click on the PDF you downloaded and Choose Get Info from the File menu.
  • Under the Open With menu, Choose Adboe Reader instead of Previewas the defaul application.  Click "Change All" so that all PDFsopen with Acrobat.  (I like Preview, but this is a sacrafice thatSpecial Ed has to make.)
  • Open up Firefox and Login to Campus
  • When the Special Education teacher goes into their Caseload andopens up a PDF form it should open in the Schubert plugin which canthen be printed.
  • Whenthe teacher opens a form for adding data, such as "Request for teammeeting" It will open in the Schubert plugin.  You may get awarning about not being able to save.  Then open it again byclicking the diamond on the far left of the plugin tool bar.  Thiswill open the form in Acrobat.  Enter the data, click the SAVEbutton, close the window and it should be saved into Campus.  
This has worked for me but I don't use Special Ed forms in campus a lot so it is not an exahustive test.

You may also want to check the documentation from the Technology dept. at under Campus 2005.  My setup is a bit different -- doesn't require Internet Explorer settings.