Classroom Voting Activity

Here are some files that support conducting a election(or Mock)in your classroom. Call you coach if you would like to do this
Classroom voting activity

Onoccasion you may wish to hold a vote or to talk about voting in yourclassroom. Here is a simple way to conduct a mock election in yourclassroom.

1. Using your Urban Planet website, create a childsection that is a form. With this form you create the ballot. Addfields you need for each issue you want your students to vote on. Youcan also add photos and other text to your ballot. An example of aballot is here.

Log into campus and print a blank class list. This will be used for voter registration.
Designate a place in your classroom as a voting registration area
Assign students to be voting judges with the following rolls
• Take registration
• Assign voting cards
• Help at the polling booth
• Technical aid
Tovote a student will go to the registration area, sign by their name andbe given a voting card. The student takes the card to the computer andvotes. After voting the student returns the card to the voterregistration area and the next student can vote.

When voting is finished log into your urban planet site and download the results.

Additional suggestions
When you set up the polling computers, hide the url in the address bar