Clients can't reconnect

It doesn't make sense when a network managed computer is abruptlydisconnected from the server (student unplugs it) and then they can'tlog back in because the server thinks they are still connected. This happens in part because of not allowing multiple logins forsecurity reasons.  Using the "idle" settings in

Workgroup Managerdoesn't seem to fix it reliably. 
Another thing you can try is set the Total Time to Logout in Minuteslower than the default which is 1440 Minutes (24 hours).  I set itto about 25 minutes.  If the user is idle/disonnected for 25minutes, the server should cut the connection. 

Here is an excerpt from John DeTroye's Tips and Ticks document for Tiger server, page 18.  The full PDF is posted below.

One of the settings that is not adjustable in the GUI is avalue to set how long the server waits to drop a disconnected session.The idea here is that AFP under Tiger (and Panther) supports what istermed as ‘aggressive reconnect.’ This was implemented to allow forminor network interruptions. When a client drops the connection to theserver accidentally (a network burp), the server will allow the sessionto remain active for a period of time. Meanwhile, the client goes intopanic mode (not ‘kernel panic’ mode - just a low state of paranoia) andaggressively reattaches itself to the server, if possible. The problemis that this disconnect may be an idle timeout/logout - and the clientwill try to reconnect. Or it  may be a logout and sleep by aportable, and the server interprets it as an accident. The defaulttimeout for this is 1440 minutes - a tad bit long. You can adjust thissetting by sending the following command to the server using either sshor ARD:

serveradmin settings afp:reconnectTTLInMin = 20
Again, I set my time out to 25 minutes.  It is also helpful tostop AFP, make this setting change, and then start AFP again.Sometimes, the teachers or students do try to logout correctly and ithangs, or they select logout and walk away without seeing that itdidn't logout all the way or correctly.  The most common troublesome programs are Appleworks and Internet Explorer.  Often thestudent will not SAVE their documents in Appleworks and that will causelogout to hang.  Remind the students and teachers to QUIT theirprograms, not just close the windows with the red button.