Coach Calendars
Please click on the link for your coach and sign up for three (3)coaching sessions on their calendar.  Select a date, click on the date,enter your name, location (school site), and select your start and endtimes.  If you know your room number for that designated time, pleaseenter the room number next to your location.  Please Note:  Thesesessions cannot be canceled, but they can be rescheduled.

Steve Buettner

Deb Kozak

Ivar Nelson

Joel Swanson

Chris Turnbull

Leslie Yoder

Steve Buettner: Como Park Sr, 1001 Johnson Pkwy

Deb Kozak: Humboldt Sr, All ALC’s except Agape and Gordon Parks

Ivar Nelson: Johnson Sr, Open School

Joel Swanson: Harding, Highland Sr

Chris Turnbull: Arlington

Leslie Yoder: Central, Agape, Gordon Parks