Technology Integration Courses
This is a complete list of the technology integration courses offered by Technology Integration Services. Click on the course title for a complete class outline. For the current calendar, log on to PD Express. All classes are open to all SPPS employees. Most of these classes are available to buildings and programs at your site.

Please contact Martha Hill (651/603-4981) for more information.

Netbook Orientation

General Netbook orientation procedures/policies.

Tech Integration Class: Skype Video Conferencing Basics
Instructional uses of videoconferencing using Skype platform. As part of the class you willinstall the Skype software, become familiar with Skype videoconferencing resources, and practice with real conferences betweenclassmates.
Tech Integration Class: Mac Basics Online Class
Online version of the Mac Basics SPPS workshop. 2 hours in duration. Requires a submitted "assignment."
Synthesizing Data and Collaboration Using SPPS Apps: Mash-Ups and Online Forms

Inthis online class you will view three episodes of a free video podcast titled As We May Teach by Dr. Ruben Puentedura, an educational technology expert and former instructor at Harvard University. Then, to receivecredit for this course in PDExpress, you will submit a lesson idea. This is an advanced topic; as a result, you should have an SPPS Apps account and familiarity with Apps before taking this course. If you have not signed up in PDExpress for this course you should do so first. Then, return to this page and get started immediately. Click the link above to get started.

Tech Integration Class: SPPS Student Apps
What is this? Why should I use it? What do I need to know to use it successfully?
All this and more explained in this 1 or 2 hour workshop.
For course outline and resources links go to:
Tech Integration Class: Communications and Collaboration using Moodle
Resources for using moodle in the classroom
Information Literacy Seminar II: Research and Reliable Resources
Links and resources for SPPS online resource tools and Research Generator.
Tech Integration: UrbanPlanet Beyond the Basics
Forms, Student (Limited Access or Blog) Pages, and RSS
Tech Integration Class: iPods and iTunes for Instruction
Learn new ways to use iPods and iTunes in the classroom todifferentiate instruction, assist struggling students, and reinforcebasic skills.  You will learn how to add video and audio content;subscribe to educational podcasts; create your own flashcards; recordyour own classroom podcasts; use the calendar as a planning tool; andreview apps that can be used with the iPod Touch.  With the exceptionof the apps available for an iPod Touch, all of the material coveredcould be used on an iPod Nano.
Tech Integration Class: GarageBand, Introduction
File downloads and links to resources.
Tech Integration Class: Research and Information Fluency: Advanced United Streaming
This two-hour workshop will teach you how to more effectively locate,organize, and ethically use United Streaming in your classroom forteacher and student presentations.  We go beyond learning how todownload and stream videos, and focus on the other tools availablethrough United Streaming.  Learn to use the Teacher Center, calendar,image library, clip art gallery, quiz center, lesson plans, and writingprompts. You will also learn to embed video segments in PowerPointpresentations, post them to your Urban Planet page, or use them iniMovie.
Tech Integration Class: Creating Presentations (Powerpoint)
Course outline, help resources, tutorials for PowerPoint users.
Tech Integration Class: Collaboration and Communications with Keynote Presentations
Learn how to create eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and interactivepresentations to engage students in your curriculum and allow you tomove away from the overhead to monitor your students. All the basics ofhow to create a presentation as well as how to import United Streamingvideos will be covered.
Tech Integration Class: Creativity and Innovation with Digital Media - Beginner
Using digital media allows students to demonstrate creative thinking,construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes.This class will look into classroom uses of video, still images, andsound for the beginner. There are many tools available to teacherand/or student use. Bring your laptop and well work with some of theseto give you a working familiarity.
Technology Integration Class: Communication and Collaboration in the Classroom with SPPS Apps (integ2070)
Digital media and environments allow students and teachers tocommunicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, tosupport individual learning.  This class will explore ways tofacilitate communication and collaboration within your classroom usingthe new SPPS Apps, including Docs and calendar. Learn how to createdocuments, spreadsheets, and presentations in the new Docs application,as well as how to share these items for collaboration.  Please bringyour laptop and we will work with some of the applications availablefor your use with students.  This course focuses on the ISTE NETS Standard 2: Communicate and Collaborate.
Technology Integration: ISTE NETS Standard 4. CriticalThinking and Problem Solving
Specifically, workshop participants will complete example activitiesusing software titles that are especially suited to performingmathematical calculations, gathering and organizing data, assisting inmanaging experiments and/or research, simulating experimental settings,and assisting in the interpretation of data and the drawing ofconclusions in scientific investigations.
Tech Integration Class: iMovie
Making movies in the classroom. This class covers operation of digitalvideo cameras as well as using iMovie to edit. There will be hands-onpractice of iMovie and using the editing functions. We will also sharetips to make your student movie more successful and less stressful.
Tech Integration: Research and Information Fluency: Google Earth in the Classroom
Google Earth is a free, downloadable application that can be used in your classroom for a variety of purposes.  It's not just for geography and social studies.  Use Google Earth to take your students on Lit Trips; study natural and political maps; learn map reading and navigation; visually explore historical events and locations; and create background knowledge for your students.  In this class we will focus on the basics of Google Earth and learn how to use virtual tours, placemarks, measure distances, and use layers to bring the world into our classrooms.
Tech Integration Class: Comic Life
Comic Life is an award winning application for creating not just comics (obviously), but also annotated images, dynamic photo albums, greeting cards, scrap books, story books, and instruction guides and brochures. In the classroom, it is an excellent tool for creating reports of almost any kind. Comic Life is available on both Mac and PC.
Tech Integration Class: InspireData
Resource links for use of InspireData
Tech Integration Class: iPhoto in the Classroom
iPhoto is a great program to catalog, organize, and display digital photos.  With iphoto 5 you can also do some simple editing as well as some neat ways to integrate images into your instruction.

Tech Integration Clas: Podcasting in the Classroom
Participants in this class will
Understand what a Podcast is
See examples of podcasts and how they can be used in the classroom
How to create a Podcast
How to distribute a Podcast
Tech Integration Class: Spreadsheet Magic
Learn to use spreadsheets (Excel and AppleWorks) for math instruction and student activities. A spreadsheet is a terrific tool for students to use to interpret data and for performing calculations. You will learn how to create and use spreadsheets, including entering data, creating charts, and utilizing formulas. Leave this workshop with several activity ideas to use with your students immediately.
Tech Integration Class: Student projects using laptops and labs
Tips, procedures, and plans for teachers who want to take advantage of their school's open lab or laptop carts. This class can be customized for a particular site to take advantage of all available resources.
Tech Integration Class: Teacher Web Resource
   Using the District supplied digital resources to explore, expand and excite your classroom.
Tech Integration Class: Using Interactive Presentations in Math Instruction
Learn how to use NNS Interactive Teaching Programs (a collection of open-ended, stand-alone programs built in Flash and designed for presentation of key concepts.) In addition, we will quickly review the Keynote presentations that we have available on our Downloads page to supplement Everyday Math instruction.
Tech Integration Class: Vernier Probware in Science
Learn to use Vernier hardware in small-group and interactive group settings in your classroom. Students will be able to conduct a variety of experiments and watch live as data is graphed. Available sensor hardware include Go!Motion, PH, Voltage, Light, and Temperature. The SPPS DMC has necessary hardware, including class sets of laptop computers, available for check-out for your project.
Tech Integration Class: Better Searching Skills for Students and Teachers
Too much information is one of today's challenges.  Teachers and their students need to know how to find the information they need, whether it is the best information available, and, how to use it.  We will learn strategies and tricks for making your searches more effective, examine the resources available to you and discuss student management when doing research.
Tech Integration Class: Creating Presentations (Keynote & Powerpoint)
 Learn how to create eye-catching, attention-grabbing, and interactive presentations to engage students in your curriculum and allow you to move away from the overhead to monitor your students.  All the basics of how to create a presentation as well as how to import United Streaming videos will be covered.  Creating interactive review activities will also be included.

Tech Integration Class: Databases for Learning
Learn to create database files for student and teacher use: creating fields and layouts, switching between views, sorting and filtering data, and using mail merge with word-processing documents.
Tech Integration Class: Reader's Workshop Technology Integration
Technology websites, applications, and resources designed to support and reinforce vocabulary, phonics, phonemic awareness, read aloud, and shared reading during reader's workshop independent work time or skill block instruction.

Tech Integration Class: Spreadsheets in Math: Formulas and Rational Numbers
Learn to use spreadsheets in teaching rational numbers. In the Integration Initiative Series: Class 2 we learned quickly how to enter data and create charts. This class takes spreadsheets one step farther by introducing students to formulas and how students can use formulas to perform math functions with fractions, decimals, and percent.
Tech Integration Class: Student Learning Station Ideas
You are using your eMac and projector in your instruction, but still aren't sure how to get all the students in your class in front of the computer to complete a task. We will look at project ideas and resources, and then discuss the particulars of managing your students in front of the computer.

Tech Integration Class: Student Projects Using Inspiration
We will review the "how tos" of this useful graphic organizer software, and then look at a variety of teacher and student uses. Use of Inspiration in various subject areas will be modeled and  lesson resources will be provided.

Tech Integration Class: Tech Integration in Writer's Workshop
How can teachers easily and efficiently integrate technology into Writer's Workshop? In this class we will look at way to use technology resources within the Writer's Workshop structure and format. An extensive resource list, aligned with Writer's Workshop Curriculum will be provided.
Tech Integration Class: Using Digital Microscope and Proscope
Learn to use digital microscopes and hand held Proscopes in small-group and presentation, interactive group settings in your classroom. With both of these tools you will be able to present live images/video to your students. Digital microscopes and student-use, hand held Proscopes are available for checkout from the SPPS DMC once you are trained.