December 3, 2008 Building Tech Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes
  • Winter break schedule:  No school from Dec 22 to Jan 2.  Ideal time to do larger projects
  • Suggested building projects for winter break
    • Run recon and system updates you can do this on their own
    • Updgrade labs using casper
    • Install software on computers
    • Get teacher laptops and run recon and updates before holiday break
  • Resources
    • Mac OS X Software Updates  Link:
    • JAMF binary report to:  Link:
    • More Mac Technical documents:

New Items
  • Demonstration of Group policies, custom shares and pushing packages Group policies was changed to a discussion topic.  If you require any of these services please submit a request via the AD form.  Be sure to include the following detail
    • Name
    • employee id, for the people who need access
    • School,
    • Name of the share,
    • What are the size estimates keep in mind that their will be a limit on the capaciity
    • Packages deployment.  Not sure how we will be doing this in the future

    • Notes
      • For those that do imaging in the buildings please remember to remove the computers from the domain before re-imaging both mac and pc
      • No longer need to run recon on PC computers.  Altaris  will be doing the pc inventory.
    • Passwords.  Change in policy
      • K-6 will not need to reset passwords in the future
      • Still will be 90 days for 7-12 students and staff
    • Issues and or comments please send them to the AD request webpage
  • iProcurement
    • Demonstration of how to use iProcurement to do computer and software purchases
    • Site should be live 01/01/09
    • Training in Jan for building tech
  • Student Showcase
    • May 28, 2009 Arlington HS 4pm to 6pm
  • For Sale
    • Computers, carts and LCD projectors for sale to buildings.  Check the trader