SPPS Destiny Support Documents

Select the topics from the list, then click on the links by the .pdfs to view and/or print handouts that describe the steps for Destiny Library system functions.

Searching the Library Online Catalog

Find quick help instructions for a Basic Search as well as a Power Search using the Catalog tab.

Circulating Library Materials

Book checkouts, checkins and renewals are all included in the Circulation tab functions. Click on the link to see the instructions.

Cataloging Materials

Cataloging includes a number of different functions within a library system.

  • Importing records
  • Adding copies to a library
  • Adding titles to the district
  • Deleting records
Printing Correction for Barcode Labels
Resource Lists

Resource Lists can be a very useful tool to accomplish a variety of tasks including:

  • Advertising newly acquired books
  • Creating seasonal book lists
  • Creating book lists by author
  • Promoting award winning books
  • Creating a printable pick list of assigned reading lists
  • Creating printable barcode lists while cataloging
Report Builder

Report Builder allows you to create customized reports that can be opened in Excel for data sorting.