District Media Permission Forms

The districtwide media permission forms are for the entire school year and do include Web sites or "school home pages".

Ifyou are going to include specific information about a student such astheir name, get permission again from the parent or guardian statingwhat the specific information will be.

Hard copies of Vietnamese and Khmer (Cambodian) are available by calling the Communications Office at 651/767-8110.

As you know, our school district requires media permission slips forall students who may be photographed, videotaped or interviewed by themedia or school district staff.  It is best if you have currentmedia permission slips on file for all students at yourschool.  

Please keep these media permission slips on file at your school for future reference during the 2005-2006 school year. 

It is important to have signed permission slips on file for eachstudent because we usually are given very little turnaround time fromthe media and other organizations who want to photograph or interviewstudents.