Edutopia online from The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Celebrate the unsung heroes across our nation who are making "Edutopia" a reality. They have shown what can be done, often with the same number of resources as other schools and sometimes with fewer. Edutopia recognizes that for these innovations to spread, educators and parents, as well as business and community leaders, must first see them and understand them. Their Video Gallery is a robust archive of short documentaries and expert interviews that allows visitors to visualize what these innovations look like -- in the classroom and in the words of teachers and students. Detailed articles, research summaries, and links to hundreds of relevant Web sites, books, organizations, and publications are also available to help schools and communities build on successes in education.

The 13 topics are organized into three categories representing what Edutopia believes are the critical elements in public education:
Innovative Classrooms
Assessment, Project-Based Learning, School-To-Career, Technology Integration, Emotional Intelligence, Skillful Educators, Ongoing Professional Development, Teacher Preparation, Technology Professional Development, Mentoring, Involved Communities, Digital Divide, Business Partnerships, Community Partners, Parental Involvement