Elementary School Presenters

American Indian Magnet School
Staff: Kate Swensen and Maureen Mahoney
Title: Minnesota Habitats/Wildlife Refuge Partnership
Project Overview: Students used KidPix to show and label one of the three Minnesota habitats (grasslands, woodlands, wetlands) and the animals, plants and insects that live there.  They also drew and labeled animal/insect tracks.  Photos taken by students at the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge were imported and labeled too.  Students also recorded their voices saying the Ojibwe and English words for the animals in their habitats. Students were required to show and label a minimum of 3 animals, 2 insects, 1 plant and draw and label 2 tracks.

Como Elementary DHH
Staff: Jean Snowden
Title: A Video Journal by 5th and 6th Grade Deaf and Hard or Hearing Students
Project Overview: Technology enhances learning for deaf/hard of hearing students in a variety of ways.  6th grade D/HH students have put together a Keynote presentation using video and slides to feature various aspects of the Como D/HH Program. Classroom Interactive communication devices and computer programs that visually display speech output are used to supplement traditional instructional techniques for D/HH students.

Como Park Elementary
Staff: Kelly Dudeck
Title: Feature Articles in Writer's Workshop with Technology
Project Overview: Students wrote feature articles for Writer's Workshop on the environment using Comic Life software.

Crossroads Science    
Staff: Laura Angyal
Title: Using Keynote to write, revise, edit and publish nonfiction in 3rd grade
Project Overview: Third graders used Keynote to write, revise, edit and publish Writer's Workshop nonfiction. Students chose topics of interest, developed questions to explore, wrote Try-Its, then chose their topics. They used print and media material for their research. Students then used Keynote to complete the writing process. Students either drew pictures which were scanned into the Keynote slides or downloaded them from a clipart site to complete the nonfiction standards.

Frost Lake Magnet School
Staff: Mark Cavanaugh and Steve Asper
Title: Car Model Presentation
Project Overview: Over the last three years students in our program have built car models as a way to help them feel a sense of accomplishment. They learn how technology can be fun and assist them in their creative endeavors. They follow step by step directions, gluing and painting a model car which looks incredible when they are done. They photograph the car and themselves and using Adobe Elements, iPhoto, iMovie and lastly iDVD to create a presentation with stunning special effects all put to music.

Galtier Magnet Elementary School
Staff: Jaime Dery
Title: Film Class: C.A.R.E.S ''Cooperation''
Project Overview: Students learned how to create small video clips that present one topic or issue. The video that they created was based on our C.A.R.E.S, which are the 5 leadership characteristics that our school adapted for Responsive Classroom. Their video portrays the first leadership characteristic, which is cooperation.

Galtier Science, Math and Technology Magnet
Staff: Lyne Motlyinski
Title: Do you know your insects?
Project Overview: Do you know the parts of an insect? Well 2nd graders at Galtier Magnet do. They even developed a interactive quiz for you to try using Scratch software and resistors from Radio Shack. Come try it out.

Horace Mann Elementary
Staff: Rick Olson
Title: Claymation Creation
Project Overview: The fifth grade students of Mann Elementary have created a variety of claymation movies this year. The students will be demonstrating the creativity, innovation, and technology skills needed to make a stop motion animation film. Besides showing the claymation movies, they will be helping technology fair participants create their own mini claymation creations.

JJ HIll Montessori School
Staff: Athena Goff
Title: Moodle Literature Forum, Chapter Book Tri-side Projects, JJ Hil Project Fair Displays
Project Overview: Moodle Literature Forum--This is a ''space'' that allows students to post questions and comments they have about the literature book they are reading in literature circles.

L'Etoile du Nord French Immersion School
Staff: Audrey Gagnaire
Title: Writer's workshop projects on life on the Underground Railroad (fiction), and on birds (non-fiction)
Project Overview: Students wrote a journal about their trip to freedom as Underground Railroad passengers. Presented as a powerpoint presentation. The students wrote and presented their project about birds in a powerpoint presentation.

Phalen Lake Elementary
Staff: Maggie Smith
Title: A Blog about the Book ''Frindle'' by Andrew Clements
Project Overview: Learning Goal- Students were able to evaluate, analyze, and present insights into the novel ''Frindle'' through a Wordpress blog. Students were able to organize headings and subheadings, research and present links to other ''Findle'' resources, scan pictures and drawings onto the pages, and organize the blog structure in a user-friendly way.  Technology was key in allowing these students to present their ideas and insights into the book in a unique way. Rather than just creating a book report, students researched websites and decided to create a structure for their blog based on the new culture of book club blogging. The concept of having a global audience was extremely motivating to students and they were able to use the internet's resources to full advantage.  

Phalen Lake Elementary
Staff: Maggie Smith
Title: Climbing Robot
Project Overview: Learning Goal- Students were able to use mechanical building skills, knowledge and skills in RCX programming language and motor functions to create simple robotic inventions. How the technology helped students- These young GT identified students have been participating in the RCX Robotics Club once a week for half an hour since November. The students have built several projects using the Mindstorm blueprints and finally designed, built, and tested the body and program for original robot inventions.

Roosevelt School
Keren Lebron
Title: Super Vocabulary Fans Podcast
Project Overview: Inspired by several vocabulary podcasts they listen to in class, these third grade ELL students decided to create their own vocabulary podcast.  Vocabulary words from their current reading unit are used, and each student is assigned a word to define and present. During this process, students build vocabulary skills, while also developing written and oral language skills. The podcasts, which include definitions, picture clues, and a meaningful sentence, are recorded in GarageBand, posted to iTunes, and uploaded to their class website.

University Academies For Boys and Girls At North End
Staff: Carole Caauwe
Title: Student Portfolio Blog Postings
Project Overview: North End Elementary students and teachers are using the blogs to post student work and evidence of learning. These Electronic Student Portfolio is used to share their work with their peers and their community. Students will demonstrate the process of posting to their blogs during the showcase.

Webster Magnet Elementary
Staff: Sheila Martin and Colleen Fridlund
Title: Technology 4th Grade project
Project Overview: Our 4th grade students interviewed the international artists, Cirque Mechanics Birdhouse Factory, at the Children’s Festival. In preparation for the performance and interview, the students researched the group, practiced their interview skills, videotaped their process, and edited their work for use at the Children’s Festival.