February 11, 2009 Building Tech Meeting Minutes

February Building tech meeting minutes
New Items
    • Special Education Software update
      • Has a list of software that has been given out to teachers.  out of date but will be using Casper/Altaris to manage this in the future
      • Demonstrated software/strategies for special needs issues
      • Talked about a website that has the software that is recommended software tittles and how to communicate with the techs on issues
      • This document can be found here
      • Read write Gold Site license entire district
      • Add to standard package
      • Training available via the assistive technology
  • Online assessment update
    • Software itself keep releasing updates deployed via user name and password and the software gets pushed out
    • Epat launcher which is the stand alone applications for test prep If you have any questions contact the vendor.  As for what version to be using and or call Renee Zimmer
    • Academic issues Renee
    • Software issues Pearson
    • Pushing out the packages and out software
    • Proctoring testing is scheduled and online
  • AD Update
    • Process for creating group Shares
    • submit the request
    • Need names and id's Cif for students and employee numbers for staff
    • name of the teacher
    • list of students
    • Description of the share
  • Technology integration update
    • Deadline for submitting presenters is Friday 2.13.09
    • T-shirt deadline is march
    • Please spread the word about this event
    • Student Showcase reminder http://connect.spps.org/show
  • Student passwords
    • elementary schools passwords are not expiring
    • Staff will expire every 90 days
    • Middle and High school students will eventually not expire
  • Will student data be preserved over the summer?
    • As for now files will not be purged over the summer
    • Always recommend backup of files over the summer
  • FASTMath discussion