February 13, 2008 Building Tech Meeting

Meeting Minutes
uportal demo

Online testing
It will happen this spring
The testing windows are:
  •     MTELL April 14 to May 2
  •     MCAII Science April 28 to May 23
MTELL is option at the building level.  Check with your building leader and SAC to find out if your building is going to do MTELL testing 
Science MCA II will happen for 5, 7, and 10 grade

Getting your computer ready for online testing
Freddie discussed the procedures for preparing your computers for online testing
  • PC schools will get a email with specific instructions for removing the testnav software and replacing it with the new version.
  • Mac schools should re-image their testing computers using the provided DVD unless you did the MAP  which will need a special update.  The DVD includes Netrestore, ppc image and a Intel image.  On the image are the following pieces of software:Tutorial, TestNav software and A link to the proxy cache settings.  NOTE No practice tests are on this image
To prepare your computers you should image the testing partition with the provided images.  If the computer does not have a testing partition please contact the help desk.
After you have imaged the computers, Change computer name in System Preferences to indicate your school IP and that it is Testing computer
After imaging run Recon on the instructional side.

At least two weeks before the testing window opens
Edit the proxy settings
Run testnav
Take of MNTRNG  and change it to MN
at the end of the url
Press Go

To get practice test material.  Please note this does not have to be installed on the testing partition
  • go to http://etest.pearson.com
  • Select region 2
  • Select MN
  • Click on item samplers
  • Download the epat luancher and then download the samplers that are appropriate samples.

Timeline and actions
  • Turn on your proctor cache server now and send an email to Freddie with with number of servers per building and ip address when they are turned on
  • Prepare all computers for online testing
  • Test to make sure your computers are configured.  Contact the help desk when completed so we can verify

Sophos 7
Please install again when you have time so that we get Remote management system
Will no longer need adaware and spybot, uninstall them.
Download at http://technology.spps.org

  • Student showcase
  • Technology Integration news:  There will be a high school technology initiative next year