Interactive White Board Information

SB 680i in use in a SPPS classroom

Interactive Whiteboard Information

Mobile IWB on wheels
You’ll need:
  • LCD projector
  • Computer
Wall Mounted
You’ll need:
  • LCD projector
  • Computer
LCD can be portable (ex; on a cart) or ceiling mounted
All-in-One Model
(Promethean ActivBoard +2   SMARTBoard 680i)
You’ll need:
  • Computer
For wall mounting and installation information:     

For purchasing information: 

Other considerations:
Initial vendor training is often available
SPPS IT Department training

Professional Development:
Transformational technology that takes time and practice to fully develop and get a decent return on investment.
NOT “plug and play”
Best results come from committed staff
IWB User Groups

Desktop or laptop computer
Sound/audio enhancement
Student response systems

Room Configuration

Primary, intermediate, secondary

Compatibility with other technology