Imaging Workshop Materials

The Basic Steps for Imaging your OS X Mac.

  • Pick your model of machine that you will be deploying.
  • Start with District Base image and update software.
  • Install your custom applications and update.
  • Install Printers for your building
  • Create local accounts and customize as needed.
  • Set global preferences and test.
  • Remove Localized Files and unwanted applications.
  • Run utilities to optimize
  • Boot from External Drive and Run NetRestore Helper or Disk Utility to create Disk Image.
Use NetRestore to deploy image to other Macs.
The Full Document handout is at the bottom of this page.

Applications that I like to install on clients:

Anacron - runs the nightly, weekly, monthly maintenance scripts at startup if needed.  Note:  There are 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger versions that are different.
AppleJack - This is a small command line utility that runs in single-user modeat startup to run disk maintenance, repair permissions, clean cachefiles, etc.  Can be used when the mac doesn't boot normally. 
Onyx - A free utility that runs maintenance and allows you to modify some of the interface settings.  Note:  There is a different version for 10.2 Jaguar, 10.3 Panther and 10.4 Tiger.
PDF Browser Plugin- Simple Internet Plugin that allows the veiwing of PDF files inFirefox and Camino browsers.  We use this with CampusReports.  This Plugin only works on PPC computers, NOT Intel.   Note:  Adobe Reader 8 installs a plugin that works with Safari, but Safari isn't supported with Campus.
ImageTricks - This free fun app from BeLight software can add simple effects to your images using OS X core graphics tools.  Very easy to use.  Note:  This requires 10.4 Tiger.
Adobe Reader  - Standard PDF Reader is needed for some PDFs and for Special Education users.
Internet Explorer - Microsoft's browser is no longer bundled and we still need to use it for some websites. 
Safari Enhancer - This utility allows you to disable the cache in Safari.  This helps to save space and speed things up.  Note:  Different versions for 10.2 Jaguar10.3 Panther and 10.3 Tiger.
Coconut Battery - Great tool for laptops to see how well the battery is performing and how much the capacity has decreased.  Note:  This requires 10.4 Tiger.
Mulitmedia plugins and applications:  Add these if you like for your users to view media content from the web and such.  Flash player, Shockwave player, Realplayer, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, Flip 4 Mac player.
- Mozilla based browser used for Campus and Urban Planet website tool.
Camino - Mozilla based browser works only on OS X and used with Campus and gradebook.
WhatSize- This simple little tool allows you to see what is taking up all yourhard drive space.  Using the finder as admin doesn't always workbecause of hidden files and root ownership. 
DeLocalizer- Still a great tool for removing the unwanted foreign language filesfrom your computer.  Works on 10.2 through 10.4 Tiger.
Software Update Enabler - Allows you to choose a local Software Update Server rather than Apple. Must be 10.4 Server and 10.4 clients.
Recon - This applications updates our inventory in the JSS.  Nice to have on each machine so you can run it anytime.