Synthesizing Data and Collaboration Using SPPS Apps: Mash-Ups and Online Forms

Step 1:
Subscribe to As We May Teach, which focuses on the use of SPPS Apps.

  1. Open iTunes.
  2. Click Advanced on the menu bar and Subscribe to Podcast.
  3. Copy the following URL and paste it into the Subscribe to Podcast URL field in iTunes. Click OK.

Step 2: Watch the required episodes (57 minutes) of the podcast.

  1. In iTunes expand the podcast list (click on the little triangle in front of the podcast title, As We May Teach...) so you can see all the episodes.
  2. Click the Get buttons which are located at the end of the rows that include episode titles that you are to watch (list below).Watch the episodes in the order below, too. This will take a few minutes to download these three files. A dial-up connection will take a long time.
  • Networked Collaboration 101: Exploring Google Docs (Note: Ignore the short section regarding the creation of a Google Docs account. All SPPS students already have accounts created. Teachers, go to the Teacher Activities page at the Connect site, log in with Campus username and password,  and create a teacher account.
  • Synthesizing Information: Google Docs and Mashups
  • Collaboration and Peer Instruction: Google Docs and Forms

Step 3: Create a lesson or activity to use with your students.

  1. After viewing the 3 episodes your assignment is to develop one activity or lesson idea that uses SPPS Apps and is intended to use with your students. Your idea should stem from one of Dr. Puenteduras ideas.
  2. Share your lesson or activity idea in the form of an SPPS Apps file with Joel, the instructor. Please share this document as a "collaborator."Joel's email is
  3. Joel will get back to you upon reviewing your document(s). Remember, this is a two-hours workshop, so don't spend an enormous amount of time coming up with a plan unless you really want to. One hour beyond watching the podcast is all that is required.