Math and Technology Integration Initiative
The Opportunity:
  • We are proud to announce an incredible opportunity for middle school math teachers! 3M has partnered with the Technology department and the math coaches to promote the use of Technology in math instruction.  Specifically, 3M has agreed to provide an interactive white boards and projection systems to middle school math teachers who agree to participate in this initiative.  These exciting tools will be combined with Technology instruction and math coaching as a way to jump start the new math curriculum adoption.
  • This initiative supports the work of the Saint Paul Public School’s Project for Academic Excellence Math standards-based literacy program as well as district and Minnesota content standards.
Participant Eligibility:
  • This initiative is limited to a maximum of 40 full-time, middle school math teachers. Please note;  Workshops and coaching are open to all teachers. See PDExpress for registration information.
Participants Will Receive:
  • Participants accepted into the White board grant will receive use of a interactive white board and LCD Projector. Participants may keep this hardware package as long as they continue to meet the requirements of the Initiative.
  • Participants will attend 9 hours of formal training and receive on-going coaching support on best practice use to integrate Technology
Workshop Requirements:
  • Attend all required Integration Initiative training (specific dates and times will be available in PDExpress):
  • Workshop I: Orientation (by 2/, 3 hours)
  • Workshop II: Inservice on the new textbook adoption and aligned math curriculum(TBD, 2 hours)
  • Workshop III: Choice of Technology Topics (2/1/07-6/14/07, 2 hours)
Specific Requirements
  • Complete the application by January 19, 2007
  • Meet with Integration/curriculum coach a minimum of 4 times during the school year for planning and/or collaboration.
  • Expand the use of Technology in your math instruction in a classroom setting.
  • Maintain possession of Initiative resources. Equipment is checked out to trained participants only.  Giving away or loaning Initiative resources is not allowed.
  • Read and respond to Initiative emails.
  • Perform periodic, preventative maintenance on hardware and cleaning LCD projector filter.
  • Complete year end Initiative assessment, describing integration Technology efforts and  the impact on teaching and learning.
Coach Support
  • Both Technology and math coaches will provide ongoing coaching during the initiative. They will assist in the following ways:
  • Curriculum integration/planning support
  • Direct classroom instruction support
  • On-site integration training