January 17th 2007 Meeting

Morning Meeting 7:30 - 9:00 Blue Room
Afternoon Meeting 1:30 - 3:00 Lab A

Continuing items
    Recon update
    Microsoft update
    UP training

New items
New computer processing Conversation:
    Setup at the building
Building tech support:
    Trouble Ticket
Student Showcase
Campus Survey
Online Assessment training dates
Staff email use and AUP

Q & A
Bring questions, comments or things you want to share


Recon inventory
Deadline for completion is Jan. 31st.  If computers are not on the network or used, they are lower priority than ones being used on the network.  If your building or department is missing, email Nathaniel Lindley or George Adams to have it added to the JSS.  More information and versions are posted at:  http://connect.spps.org/casper

Microsoft Update
Each building will be receiving a statement of their balance later this month.  If you have questions, please contact Steve Buettner.

Urban Planet training
George will be offering more classes on Urban Planet training soon.  Sign up in PDExpress

New Computer Processing
We want to make the new purchases process more efficient and useful for you.  We will be posting discussion items in the TechTalk database looking for your feedback.  Options include starting with a district base image that you can customize and build your own image from.  We may also be buying a stock of desktops and laptops that buildings can order from directly to cut down on purchase delay times.

Software Licensing
Please check with Pat Sofie at the Storehouse to find out how many licenses for different software titles your building has purchased.

Building Tech Support
We will be offering more training classes coming up in Ghosting, Imaging Macs, Mac Server Management, Online Testing Lab setup, Novell workstation management.

Tech Help web site
Our trouble ticket request site is up and running.  You can login here:  http://mis.spps.org/techhelp using your campus username and password.  There are many automated options for notification and such.  Please submit feedback to George Adams. 

Student Showcase
The Technology Student showcase is Wednesday, May 30th, 4:00 -6:00 at Arlington High School.  Please see this web site for more information:  http://connect.spps.org/show06.html

Campus Survey
If you haven't filled out the Campus Survey that you received via email, please do that.  First respondents get a USB drive.

Online Assessment
Not all of the Online assessment tests will be given this spring but each building will be doing some online testing, just not as many.  Testing dates start in April.  Training for schools that did not participate in the fall will be offered through PDExpress.

Staff Email Use AUP
The Teachers Union was not entirely correct with regards to personal use for SPPS email.  The district has always condoned some limited use it for personal use, within the guidelines of the district AUP.  Please use good judgment on email content.  You should not expect the email to be 100% private.