LCD Projectors
Cleaning the Epson LCD 1 - click to enlarge

Most LCD projectors have a filter on the incoming air. Moving air cools the projection lamp and internal lenses and the LCD panels. It is very critical that you as a user keep it clean. Usually it is a foam type filter found on the bottom or side of your projector. They are designed to be removed by the user and can be cleaned with a vacuum or compressed air. Failure to maintain the filter will greatly reduce the lamp life and could also cause expensive damage to the LCD panels.  LCD projection lamps are expensive and must be purchased by the school. This is also true of projectors that are part of the Tech Integration Initiative. DLP projectors typically do not have filters.

LCD projectors are allergic to chalk boards. Chalk dust will quickly clog an air filter and it will lodge itself on the internal lenses and LCD panels. This will result in dark spots on the image you are projecting.

Do not automatically replace the lamp because the projector is no longer lighting. You may find yourself owning a $400 lamp with nothing to use it in. LCD projectors have a lamp timer, usually a menu item. Your user manual will tell you how many hours you can get out of the lamp in your projector. This can be anywhere from 1000 to 3000 hours. You will get a lamp warning indication when you are nearing the end of the lamps life. Also the image will begin to darken on the edges. When a lamp is replaced, the timer must be reset.

Cleaning the Epson LCD 2 - click to enlarge
Do not replace a lamp on your own without resetting the timer. Unless the projector was dropped, a no light situation that was not preceded by either an end of lamp warning or because you never cleaned your filter could mean internal circuit problems. It is a good idea to check with AV Repair if your projector has failed without these indicators. Lamp replacement generally is a job your building tech can handle. AV Repair will replace lamps but because lamps are considered consumables you will need to supply a budget number when sending them in. Also I can do minor repairs on these items, but extensive repairs will need to be handled by factory trained technicians. EPA or Tierney Brothers are local companies that may be able to help. Your school will be responsible for all outside repairs on these units.

Most ceiling mounted projectors are managed on the network. Lamp life, filter cleaning, overheating, unauthorized disconnection are typical things being monitored. Your building tech or AV person receives these e-mail reminders from the management system. If you need training on how to access or use this system please contact Rodney Fillmore. Also these managed projectors are scheduled to be powered off at preset times if the user forgets to shut them down at the end of the school day. is a great resource for finding information about current and older model data projectors.