Lesson 04

First reading possibilities:
One Survivor Remembers” For schools with the McDougal Littell books and the Teaching Tolerance curriculum kit.  Good primary resources lesson. Also, video comparison.

From Prentice Hall and excerpt from Anne Frank and Me by Cherie Bennett. (732-737) Read in script, journal.

Light from the Yellow Star” by Robert O. Fisch, also with video comparison.

Readings from Voices of the Holocaust.

From The Diary of Anne Frank—read first 21 pages doing a T-chart. Use this information to answer the question:  Was Anne a typical girl?

Or from Prentice Hall—read in script, all or part of Act 1 and Act 2 (776-869)

Anne Frank Web site, lesson on how to locate information on the web.

Diary excerpt (Prentice-Hall: 881-886)—Comparing a primary source with a dramatization

Fluency with sentences lesson.