Local User migration for Mac

Local User Migration Scripts READ ME          August 11,2008

  • Bindto AD first. 

Itis best when the user has NOT logged in as their AD account before thismigration.  But the machine is already bound to ADcorrectly.

You must know what the user's previoususername WAS and what their new AD username will be.  ForExample from "teacher" to "e123456"

This scriptMOVES the user's folder.  It doesn't backup or copyit.

   1.    Login as local admin(bldgtech)
   3.    Open script, choose oldusername, enter new AD username (e123456) then wait. 
   4.    The script renames the oldhome directory for the user.
   6.    Logout of bldgtech and loginas new AD user.  It should take ownership of the new folderyou copied over.

Keychain:  Whenthe old account is copied over to the new AD account, the keychain(that stores passwords) comes with it, but still retains the user's oldpassword.  So when you see that error in Safari for example,you need to provide the previous password to the keychain.  ORyou can delete the user's keychain and start from scratch. Locatedhere: ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
Firefoxdownload:  If Firefox is looking for the olddownload location, go to IE or Safari and reset it there first, thencheck it in Safari.  or delete~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.internetconfig.plist

Whatif the user already logged in as their AD account and has a homedirectory? 
In my tests on 10.4, if theuser has already logged in with their AD account, the script will movetheir "teacher" home directory into a "teacher.backup" folder in their"e123456" folder.  If this happens, you'll need to fix it byrenaming the teacher.backup, moving it to the /Users folder, delete the"e123456" folder and start over.  This is why it is easier todo this before the AD user has logged in.  If the userhas already logged in, delete the "e123456" folder from the /Usersfolder first, then run the conversionscript.

What if they have foldersin their home directory that aren't the standard folders, (not Desktop,Documents, Library, etc.)? 
If the user'shome directory has other folders in it, they will move correctly, butnot get permissions assigned correctly.  Therefore, it iseasiest to move these extra folders into their "Desktop" or "Documents"folder before running the script.  If that doesn't happen,you'll need to repair permissions on the folders after thefact.

What if it is still messedup?  How can I fix it?
Use Terminal orBatchmod

Questions/Problems?  contact NathanielLindley