Lotus Notes issues

Updated Aug. 11, 1008

If the computer has problems with Lotus Notes on the Mac after binding to AD and migrating their home directory, check these things.

PPC Version of Lotus Notes.  On Macs that are PowerPC chips (10.3.9 and 10.4.11) you should be using version 6.5.4 of Lotus Notes.  If you don't have the installer, install it with Casper or request it from the Help Desk.

Intel Version of Lotus Notes.   On Macs with Intel chips (10.4 and 10.5) you should be using the 7.0.3 version of Lotus Notes client.  If you don't have the installer, install with Casper or request help from the Help Desk.  You can only tell the version of Lotus Notes 7 from within Lotus Notes in the Lotus Notes menu >> About Lotus Notes.

Application permissions.  Be sure the Lotus Notes folder for version 6.5.4 and the Notes application for version 7 are Read Write Execute for all (RWX) in the Applications directory.  This includes the subfolders for version 6.5.4.  Reset them with Terminal or Batchmod if needed.

Where is the user's Lotus Notes Data folder?  In some installs of version 6 the Data folder is in the Application/Lotus Notes/Data folder.  In some version 7 it is in ~/Documents/Lotus Notes Data and in some it is in ~/Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data.  If the user's Lotus Notes Data folder is not in the correct location (~/Library/Application Support/Lotus Notes Data) Please take this opportunity to move it to the current standard location.