Basic Mac OS X Server Administration
Network Install

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AD and OD Scenarios
Different ways you can integrate your Mac into your school and Active Directory and Open Directory
Software Update Server
Setup your building OS X server to provide 10.4 software updates to your 10.4 clients.
Change IP on an existing server
To change the IP of a server that is running, follow this command line tool from Apple's Knowlsedge Base  
Users can't login on 10.4 clients
With network managed user accounts, I found a problem when clientscouldn't login on a 10.4 managed client computer.  
Duplicate Mount Point in Sharing Tab
An unexpected restart may create a duplicate (false) mount point.  KB article.  
Clients can't reconnect
Clients can't login with the message "You can't connect because you are already logged into another computer."
Sometimes when there is an abrubt disconnect, the server thinks the person is still connected, but doesn't disconnect them.
Administrator see sharepoints, not volumes
 When you Connect to Server as admin, you see the sharepoints rather than the volumes, here is how to change that setting.