Mapping a network drive on your imac while running windows XP

To make a folder on your server (to save stuff that will be accessible from any computer in your building)

Before starting, you need to know the name of your building's server. You can check this if you click on the advanced tab before you sign on novell on your regular computer, a window opens and shows, tree, context and the name of your building's server)


Open My Computer

On the left click on My network places (under other places)

On the left click under network tasks click on add network place

A wizard will open, click next and you will be asked where you want to create your network place, choose other network location (not MSN)

In the next window click on browse a window will open, click on entire network

Then click on netware services

Then click on netware servers.

You will see a long list of each school's servers, choose your building server (for example A_humboldjr).

This will open your server and you will see two folders Data and Sys

Open the data folder, there will be another folder which is where you would save your info (mine was named SASIXP)

Select this folder and hit OK

Hit next twice and you are finished!

You can now access that folder and save data on your building server. Click on My computer and then my network places and you will find this new link to the server folder in under local places. You may be asked to sign in at a Novell prompt, use your normal novell sign on that you have always used (your name with a space between first and last and your normal password).