March 14, 2007 Building Tech meeting minutes

March 14, 2007 Tech Meeting

Old Items

Microsoft Settlement
Please submit software orders soon.  We order as much software in bulk together as possible and are waiting for some schools.
* Recon
Nearly 13,000 computers.  etc.  please continue to recon machines and submit a non-recon form to Carol Olson for older ones that don't run Recon. 
Computers that are in your school and purchased or donated to SPPS should be recon'd.  If we ownn software on it, please recon.  (computers for schools, etc.)  If it doesn't have a tag, but in SN or missing or none, etc. . .

Online Assessment
All buildings have been trained.  get workstations ready so we can install the Testing Procotor server during spring break.  Fall servers should be setup closer to testing date.  SACs can work on them no more than two weeks before the test.  Labs should be ready by April 1.

Student Showcase
  • Date:  May 30, 2007
  • Please sign up soon.  new computer for participating teachers and students entries.
  • Info:   Application deadline the end of March.
  • Films need to be 10 minutes in length or less. 

Training Opportunities
  • -Network troubleshooting class coming up.  Sign up in PDExpress.
  • -Nutririon Services will be coming. 
  • -Read180 will be coming as needed for roll out for buildings
  • -Tech Integration classes are in PDExpress.  open to everyone.
  • -Overhead repair and support class (glass overheads, not LCDs)

Results from the discussion on Pre-Purchasing Hardware
Most responses don't want the district to image all new purchases at the district level.  The response was that many buildings would rather image at their building to customize for their school/program.  Group/bulk purchases will try to be pre-announced when possible to get the best price.

New Items
Printer support and Training
 Powerpoint attached below.
  •  Keep toner cartridge in black bag to prevent light from wrecking it until needed.  There is a blade on the drum that cleans the photo drum.  Over time that wears out--especially in remanufactured toner cartridges. 
  • HP troubleshouting link here
  • There are special vacuum cleaners for cleaning toner.  Might wreck regular vaccuums.  Try using a coffee filter on a hose vac.
  • Vertical lines are more often a bad toner cartridges.
  • Repeating defect on page might be bad toner or fuser.  new fusers has plastic clips that might fail or break and cause it to not be tight in printer.
  • Worn feed rollers cause paper jams most of the time.  Quick and cheap to replace.
  • Paper tray problems, loose paper scraps, bad paper.
  • Maintenance kit (Fuser, rollers) use plastic gloves, clean spilled toner with cold water.
  • JetDirect card in HPs may fail not allowing network printing, or causing job errors.
  • IP address:  10.XX.7.11 -- 10.XX.7.50
  • Web configuration to change settings. 
  • Links to to parts and helpful sites . . . . .
  • Transparancies are specific to Printers and Copiers.  Be sure to use transparencies that are labeled for laser printers.
Image problems link

JetDirect software download link

Typical HP control pannel link

Parts Surfer

The Printer Works

HP website

Fix Your Own Printers

Yahoo tech group

Parts Now

Discussion on Building Tech Roles and Responsibilities
  • What are the expectations for a building tech?  What duties are assigned to you?  what duties should not be assigned to a building tech?  What division of duties might help your school run more smoothly or help teachers and students focus on learning?
  • Posted topic in TechTalk.  Please add your comments and feedback. 
  • Maybe add what Tech's should NOT do.
  • Encourage buildings to have some technical building support, can be contracted from the district.
  • Define teacher roles vs. Tech roles.
  • Online testing preparation and support.
  • We'd like more training on the skills that a tech needs.

 READS 180 Conversion Update
5 buildings done. 8 more on the way.  Building techs involved have had training and will be contacted when their building is to be converted.

    * Request for site visits.


Windows XP discussion.  At some date in the future, all Dells from 1930 will come out to the buildings with  an OS other that Windows 2000.  We don't know what will happen to legacy computers in buildings already at Windows 2000 and whether or not they will be upgraded to XP or Vista or not at all.