Have you ever wondered how a shortage of light affects people in the winter? How have people's views of  light changed throughout the decades?

Riverdeep brings you a look at Winter Light. There are lesson plan resources on all aspects of light, including The Nature of Light,
Visible Light and Color, Light and Matter, Light and the Food Chain, and Literary Light. Grade Level K-12

At some point in time this winter, we will have snow on the ground. This lesson brought to you by SnowSchool is organized around measuring data in a Science-type experiment. It is geared toward students
in grade levels 2-6. It contains all the necessary elements to plan a lesson.
Brought to you by the Donna Sandberg, ASF Education Outreacher Team Leader of the University of Alaska - Fairbanks

With a wealth of quality photographs, this site gives you information on glaciers. Included are Teacher Guides, content about glaciers, a glossary and even legends and folklore.

Working in pairs, students will consult texts and reference books to match numbers with organs and parts of the human body. They will complete a list of 1-15, matching organs and/or body parts to the corresponding number. Students will also be required to state the function of any organs or body parts they use in their lists.
Elementary students tend to use a limited vocabulary. Teachers can provide the addition of new vocabulary words in ways that are fun and enriching. There are various activities that provide ways for children to brainstorm lists of words to be used in sentences, stories, or conversation.
Worksheets and quizzes that will help your students learn about various topics. Cataloged by topics and subjects including holidays. This site also has a search directory for quick access to individual subject areas.