May 16, 2007 Building Tech Meeting Minutes

Old Items
  • Showcase
  • Microsoft Settlement

New Items
  • Summer Tech Camp
  • Minimum Specification for staff computers
  • Getting ready for summer and next year:
    •     Password sheets and procedures
    •     Laptop batteries
    •     Care and feeding of computers
    •     Cleaning projectors
    •     Student file storage
    •     Student mail
  • Lotus Notes items
    • lnotes lookup not necessary
    • Group names in private address books
  • Dates to remember
    • August tech meeting
    • Fall epp day
  • Technology Integration Initiatives for next year
Congratulations on for all the hard work and good results this school year. 
Old Items
    * Showcase
    Event will be held on May 30, 2007. 
    >  Acceptance Letters have been sent out already.
    >  We need to know the numbers of studentsattending, and whether or not busing will be needed. 
    >  Prizes awarded for participation. 
    * Microsoft Settlement
    >  All orders processed by Friday, May 18;software comes through either Pat Sofie in the Storehouse, or throughiProcurement. 
    >  You can get updates on your current Microsoft settlement balances in the fall.
New Items
    * Summer Tech Camp
    >  27-28 June or 14-15 Aug.;
    >  Not a repetition, should attend only twodays; no pay for attendance, but lunch is provided. 
    >  The classes will be listed in PD Express.
    Novell & Mac file servers,
    Printing and networking 101 
    Lotus Notes
    Best Practices for lab, computer support;
    WHAT ARE dist. supports for hardware, other specs.;
     "          "         "         "          "   WRT OS and s-ware? 
    * Minimum Specification for staff computers (PERSLIDE):  All new computers to meet these standards. 
    ->  Wintel:  Dell, Win 2K or XP, P3 orhigher, RAM:  256 Mb+;  IE 6+, Lotus Notes, Sophos, Firefox1.5+, Java 1.4+, Acrobat Reader 7+
    ->  Mac  OS 10.3.9+, G4 700MHz + , RAM:256 Mb+; Lotus Notes, Sophos, Firefox 1.5+, Camino, Java 1.4+, AcrobatReader 7+
        No Internet Explorer on new Macimages; Infinite Campus is testing/designing for use with Camino,Firefox also seems to work.  
Basic Knowledge of Spec. Prog. 
Sub-standard computers may be used as student workstations, DNR'd (do not resuscitate). 
All new software; must be compatible out-of-box;

Some schools have choosen to (indefinitely) loan outdated computers to students or staff instead of recycling.  
* Getting ready for summer and next year:
         o     Password sheets and procedures. A successstory from Monroe - done for both summer and winter break). 
        Collect and seal in individual envelopes;
        Seal and sign across junction offlap and back of envelope - effectively impossible to tamper withwithout leaving a evidence.  
         o     Laptop batteries:  Pull and store in acool place. 
         o     Care and feeding of computers:  Laptopss/b plugged in over the summer - protects the RAM battery;
         o     Cleaning projectors:  per Rodney, try tovacuum the ventilation grids on all projectors
         - Try to use a shop-vac, or something else with serious suction.  
         - Not all vent grids are removable, will have to clean some in-place. 
         o     Student file storage:  Novell FileServers will be purged after summer school. 

         o     Student mail:  Will be purged aftersummer school. 

    >  Recommendation:  Any schools issuingcomputers to staff over the summer months should:  
        1.  Have a written policy/agreement of responsibility, with signatures. 
            Include responsibility for allowing use by other family members. 
            See sample MS Word document used at Como Elementary below.     
        2.  Know the policy and have a plan to enforce it. 
    * Lotus Notes items
          o lnotes lookupunnecessary - - no auto-updates, SPPS address books are always
          o Group names in private address books
        - must not duplicate Group Names in SPPS address book. 
        - do _NOT_ copy Groups from SPPSto local/personal address book (will be out-of-sync). 
    o  New/Transfer installations of Lotus:  need .id file and names.nsf.
    o  Out-Of-Office notices - - will still collectall incoming mail, will accumulate.  Only SpamJam is deleted(after 15 days). 
    * Dates to remember
          o August tech meeting
          o Fall epp day
    * Technology Integration Initiatives for next year
    Middle School:  Hardware and SOftware in exchange for classes & projection mtce. - 3-6
    Retirees - return equipment - we clean and update it on leaving building.  or not in 3-6. 
New teachers will receive invites to sign-up.