Media Retrieval
    St Paul Schools has a mixture of media retrieval systems. The older systems use the telephone in the classroom to control the VCR and DVD players located in the closed circuit TV headend. You call an extension number and usually press 1 for play, 2 for stop etc.  If you can use a telephone you can use this system. I offer on-site training if you are interested in learning more.
    Some school use a web based media control called Access Media Retrieval. You log-in to the system and schedule a time to use it. Then when you are ready to watch your presentation you log-in to the system and you get a full function remote control on your computer screen. This system is as easy to use as checking your e-mail. I offer on-site training to groups of users and on-site administrator training. To watch a short training video for users go to the Educational Technology training video web site at Watch the video title Access Media Control/User. You must be on a PC using Internet Explorer to play the video.    

    The systems built as of 2009 have no media retrieval capabilities. These systems must be used manually.
Here is a list of schools who currently use Access Media Retrieval.

Como Sr. HS
Harding HS
Highland Sr. HS
Humboldt Sr. HS
Johnson Sr. HS

Battle Creek Mdl
Hazel Park
Highland Jr.
Humboldt Jr.

Como El
Highland El
Horace Mann