Middle School / Junior High Presenters

Aerospace at Cleveland
Staff: Patricia Larkey
Title: Simultaneous Multitrack Recording Using Garage Band
Project Overview: Students recorded 4 simultaneous tracks using Garage Band and an Alexis Interface to evaluate, refine, and analyze large group music ensembles performances for Web presentation and CD creation.

Highland Park Junior High
Staff: Barb Wollak
Title: Free to Read, Write, and Communicate
Project Overview: The students in the Inclusion Program use free technology to communicate, collaborate, create, research, read, and write for a local and global audience.  Students conduct research, find resources, and create slideshows to synthesize information and demonstrate authentic learning.  All of their projects are created using technology, and posted on their award-winning class blog and wiki.

Highland Park Junior High
Staff: Brian Lozenski and Lisa Czech
Title: Achievement Gap Video
Project Overview: Students worked as a group to brainstorm ideas about why there is an achievement gap.  Students then split into groups, with each group focusing on a different cause.  The students wrote questions, planned scenes, identified people to interview, gathered necessary information, and filmed interviews.  Students then used iMovie to edit their film and create a movie about the achievement gap.

Highland Park Junior High
Staff: Leah VanDassor and Lisa Czech
Title: Using SPPS Student Apps to Collect, Communicate, and Collaborate
Project Overview: Students used SPPS Student Apps to collect, communicate, and collaborate in a paperless environment. The students used iBook laptop computers to compose their grants in Microsoft Word. The finished drafts were then burned to a disk and uploaded to SPPS Student Apps for collaboration and revision by group members, who also shared with their community partners, Eco Education, and their teacher.  Several groups used the forms in Apps to collect and analyze survey information.  Another form was created for collecting information for orders of reusable shopping bags made from recycled t-shirts.  Students also used their e-mail accounts to communicate with their peers, community partners, Eco Education, and their teacher.  Once the grants were uploaded to Apps, the remaining portion of the Eco Education grant writing process was completed with two classroom computers.

Murray Junior High School
Staff: Abby Boehm Turner
Title: Technology in 7th grade English Language Arts
Project Overview: Students used photos and other images to create iMovies of their final memoirs, Comic Life to present their final poetry collections, and SPPS Student Apps throughout the year for composing, conferencing, revising, and editing their final drafts of their projects

Washington Technology Magnet
Staff: Danielle Simms
Title: French Pen Pal Postcards
Project Overview: This is an activity to generate meaningful and authentic communication at the end of first level French.  Students created postcards to send to their pen pals at Ramsey Jr. High. Students researched famous French landmarks and stamps then created postcards written in French using Comic Life, Safari and web resources. These postcards were then posted on the class website for their pen pals to view. Later students met their pen pals and communicated orally in the target language.

Washington Technology Magnet
Staff: Mary Ann Rentas
Title: Washington Newscast
Project Overview: Students prepare a bi-monthly newscast featuring events at Washington. They handle script writing, video recording, digital camera shots, anchoring the newscast and all creative content.

Washington Technology Magnet
Staff: Stephanie Erickson
Title: Collecting data with probes and sensors
Project Overview: Students will show how they collect data using the vernier probes and sensors.
Team 1:  Using Logger Pro 3 to collect Heart Rate and Lung Volume
Team 2:  Using the lab quests to collect water quality data which includes: Temperatures, turbidity, pH, and nitrate levels.