November 15th Meeting

7:30 - 9:00 am
1:30 - 3:00 pm
Blue Room - 1930 Como Ave.  

  • AV Repair - Rodney Fillmore
  • Campus and IE 7 information
  • Lab Online Assessment Surveys Due
  • Casper: Recon Inventory - Nathaniel Lindley
  • TechHelp website Demo - Steve Buettner
  • Dell TechKnow Program in Middle School/Jr. High
  • Q & A

Tech Meeting  Minutes   -   11/15/2006

Casper Suite:  Recon Inventory
We are using the Recon application (which is part of the Casper Suite) to do a inventory of all computers in SPPS.  Recon has a version for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.  The inventory for your building should be done by January 30th, 2007.   If you will need assistance meeting this deadline or have questions, please contact Nathaniel Lindley or George Adams.  Instructions and the Recon software can be downloaded at  We are working on developing a method of deploying the software with Novell for the Windows computers.

A/V Repair
Rodney Fillmore will no longer be repairing overhead projectors and printers.  He will still service LCD projectors.  For information and help fixing your own or finding a vendor to help fix your equipment, please see this website:

TechHelp Website:
The Technology department is developing a "tech help request" website to track and route requests for help.  It will aid in documenting our work and getting the request to the correct person to help resolve the problem.  Techs or building personnel can login to the site with their Campus Username and password.  If they don't know their password, there is a "Forgot My Password" link on the login website.  If the don't know their username and password, please contact the Campus Help Desk at 603-HELP option 2.  This will NOT replace the Help Desk telephone support.  They will still be taking calls and resolving many of them right away.  They can also escalate problems to the appropriate Point of Contact (POC). 
Please work with this system and submit bugs and feature requests to Jon Stignani.
The Website Login is:

Campus and Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft is releasing Internet Explorer 7 this month and we are requesting that it NOT be installed on Windows.  It is not immediately compatible with Campus.  IE 6 and FIrefox are still the supported browsers.  If IE 7 is installed, p;ease see the PDF that is linked on the home page in Campus and in the TechTalk discussion board.

Lab Assessments Due
Schools that did not participate this fall in the online assessments need to submit their information on this website to help us determine the status of the school's lab.  All schools will be participating in the Spring 2007 Online Assessments for testing.
Survey is here:

Next Meeting Dec. 13, 2006 
Tentative Agenda:
Sophos on Mac and PC
Submit topic suggestions to Steve Buettner.