OS X Information
This section provides links to information about the OS X operating system on a Mac computer.

General OS X Information
Use this link to go to the Apple site which provides the general description of OS X.
OS X Tech Support
Apple's Tech Support Site for OS X.
OS X Compatible Applications
This link provides a database of software that works with Macs.  You can search for software by category (i.e. - education) and then subject matter.

When your search results come up, if there is a blue X to the left of the title, it means the application runs in OS X.  If the application has no X,click on the application title and you will get more information about the application.  Sometimes this additional information will include system
requirements but it will almost always include company contact information so a school could contact the company to see when the application will be
ready for OS X.
Operating System Comparison
Why upgrade to OS X? Look at this comparision of the previous operating systems to Jaguar.
Atomic Learning Site
Atomic Learning now has many tutorials on OS X features. Click on Taming the Jaguar to get started, Tips & Tricks or for advanced command line techniques,  Terminal Velocity. All the Atomic Learning tutorials are available to you through a district-paid subscription.
MacWindows: Macintosh-Windows Integration Solutions
John Rizzo offers news and commentary on many Macintosh and Windows products. There is a section specifically for Mac OS X.
Check for the new version releases of software applications.
What computers can be upgraded to OSX?

This webpage on Apple's site gives a nice picture table of computers that can be upgraded to OSX. 
Note: Upgrade computers with a manufacture date of October 1999 or newer. Nothing older should be considered.

Mac OS X versus Windows XP
Wonder about the similarities and/or differences between Mac OS X and Windows XP? This web site compares the two operating systems.
O'Reilly's Mac Development Center
This web site is for advanced OS X users. It includes articles on such topics as Java on Mac OS X, Mac Weblogs, Apache Web Serving with Jaguar and many more.
Versiontracker track software updates.
Mac eZines

For up to the minute information on OS X and other Mac topics, try

MacAddict, MacWorld and MacHome.