October 10, 2007 Building Tech Meeting

October 10, 2007 Building Tech Meeting
Wednesday in the Blue room
7:30 - 9:00
1:30 - 3:00


Initiative News   - TOSAs

SpinRite   -Nathaniel
District license for hard drive maintenance and recovery software.  Available to building techs at http://technology.spps.org  Runs on a PC and works on any format hard drive.

Dell Product Demonstration   -
Printer guides, new Tablet laptop in Dec. Audio enhancement for classrooms, OpenManage Printer Manager software (Manual) Tutorial

Conference Scheduler   -Dick Milles
FileMaker Pro solution for scheduling conferences, imports from Campus and tracks family conferences, prints teacher schedule and family letters.  Email Dick for information. Richard.Milles@spps.org

GX270 Recall news - Justin Hennes
  • Have your list verified by the Oct. 19th.  If you cannot find  some of them let Justin know which service tag/spps tag you cannot find.  If you find extras please let Justin know the Dell service tag and spps tag.
  • We are going to have 1GB of RAM added to the GX270 at the time of mobo replacement for those of you who meet the deadline.
  • If you do not have your list email Justin
Helping the Help Desk Help You - Tony
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Urban Planet news - George Adams
  • Don't make a promotion of a section to itself.  Don't have an RSS feed subscribe to its own section.  This causes a loop and problems.
  • Google search. Please do a search of your site using the built in search box.  They should look at the results to make sure they are for their web site only. They should also include references to PDF files.  If not have them contact me to insure their web site has been set up to be searched by http://google.spps.org
  • Deleting sections has been turned off for all users for all sites. Create an Archive section where unused sections can be moved to keep the site neat.  Sections can be turned off or hidden.  We may have a delete your old sections day where we will allow the deletion of sections
  • They can still delete items, snap polls, sidebars, images, movies, audio files, related links and documents.
  • If you want to be on the Urban Planet mailing list and are not a building tech, email George Adams.
Cisco Switch lights diagnosis -Brian Bartle
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Employee Purchase Event coming up
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