October 8, 2008 Building Tech Meeting Minutes

    •    AD Status
    ?    AD update
    ?    Server based Applications
    ?    Printers
    ?    Pushing out applications in the futures
    ?    Windows update server is online   Your computers will be ready
    ?    Accounts.  Looking for a way to automate the process
    ?    Student and staff storage My travel folder and a Question mark on the dock staff have 1 gig students 500 megs.  This is not for generic accounts
    ?    Password standards
    ?    Have to wait 24 hours to change again
    ?    We will be forcing users to change their password every 6 months
    ?    Student passwords can have their passwords reset via the password lookup
    ?    Staff send a request to the AD
    ?    Policies
    ?    For customizing deskops
    ?    Locking desktops
    ?    Creating student policies  one to one for their needs looking for volunteers
    ?    Software installs and AD updates
    ?    Building techs have local admin rights.  End users do not
    ?    Local admin accounts will be disabled in the future
    •    Online Assessment update
    ?    NWEA testing using AD to push out the applications and setup
    ?    Grad testing is coming.  Creating a Grad testing account for
    •    Student Progress Reports
    ?    Pilot of 5 schools as we migrate to the integrated Campus version
    ?    Still working on updates with the traditional version.  These will be posted on the center website
    ?    Training and assistance using this system should be addressed to Lori Haaland
    •    Student Mail Apps
    ?    Password look up.  Demonstrated password lookup and how to reset
    •    Casper 6
    ?    New server
    ?    Demonstrated self service module
          Training will be announced
    •    New Director Rich Valerga Starts October 20