Application Delivered Presentations
Presentations can be created using a variety of media types. Some suggestions, using the software on your eMacs, are listed below:
  • Graphic Organizing: Inspiration, AppleWorks, TimeLiner
  • Text: AppleWorks, Keynote, AppleWorks,TimeLiner
  • Images: iPhoto, Keynote, AppleWorks, iMovie, TimeLiner
    • Student or teacher generated collections
    • Web collections
  • Audio: iTunes, QuickTime Player, Real Player, Windows Media Player
    • CD audio books
    • Streamed Audio (news segments, special reports)
    • Recorded Audio (student poetry, dialogue)
    • Music CDs
  • Video: DVD Player, iMovie, iDVD, QuickTime Player, Real Player, Windows Media Player
    • DVD
    • Student-generated movies (iMovie)
    • Streamed Movies
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