Student Usernames and passwords
 We are currently looking at our current student username andpassword system. Last year the password was 5 characters long and theminimum password length in Campus is now 6 characters.
We would like your suggestion on how a updated system should be built.
Check off which systems you currently have students using or you plan on having students use next year.
Systems used

Other systems used by your school that require a username and password.
Other Systems
If you are using a system that limits the length of a username, please type in the maximum length username and the system name.
Username length
The format for the alpha portion of the username that would work best for you.
username Format

To avoid duplicate usernames added numbers or letters need to be added to the alpha usernames above.
Number format

If you have a suggestion other than those above please enter it here.
Other Username suggestions
Password can be created for each user. Pick a format that will work best for your students and also be a good password.

Some systems have a maximum length for passwords. If you are using a system with a limit enter the length here along with the system name.
Maximum Password Length
Staff access to usernames and passwords.
If the current system does not meet your needs how would you suggest changing it or rebuilding while still keeping passwords secure. Is there a way to make a student self service system?
Password Access
Check all that apply.
Password changes

Other Password Suggestions