Laser Printer

Low toner message. Remove the toner cartridge and gently shake it upside down.This will redistribute the remaining toner and allow you to keep printing. You should order a new toner cartridge now.

Storing Toner, Toner is sensitive to changing temperatures and humidity levels. Always store toner in its original packaging and in a cool dry place. Toner has an expiration date. Before using, make sure your toner is fresh. Also it is good practice to recycle old toner cartridges..

Light, blotchy prints, Probably caused by an exhausted toner cartridge. Try gently shaking the cartridge or replacing it with a fresh one.

Ghosting, If you are seeing a ghost of the image you are printing, try replacing the toner cartridge. The problem may be a worn cleaning blade not removing the residual toner from the image drum.

Transfer Roller, When clearing paper jams, be careful not to touch the transfer roller. This is the long black roller just under the toner cartridge. Oil from your fingers will ruin the roller causing you to have poor print quality.

Paper Jams, Paper jams can be caused by improper storage of your paper. Always store paper flat and in the original packaging until ready to use. If you have a paper jam be sure you remove all the bits of paper. Try not to tear the paper as you slowly pull it out. Frequent paper jams are most likely caused by worn rollers. Submit a service request if you have frequent jams.

Resetting Maintenance Counters on HP LaserJet
  • 4200/4300 Start with the printer off.
  • Hold down the "Select" button while turning the printer on. Continue to hold the button down until all three control panel LED's turn on and remain on.
  • Press the "Up arrow" button and scroll to "New Maintenance Kit."
  • Press "Select" once to reset.
  • 4250/4350 Start with the printer off.
  • Press and hold the "Select" button. You will see "00MB" displayed then all three control panel LED's will flash and then remain lite.
  • Now press the "Up Arrow" button and scroll to "New Maintanance Kit:
  • Press "Select" once to reset.

Error messages on a HP Color Laser Jet 4500 and 4550 series.

Laser Jet 4200 series support center.

Laser Jet 4100 series suppore center

Laser Jet 4000 series support center.

HP Laser Jet 5500
, Cyan will not print. Be sure the  Paper Pickup Assembly Dust Cover is securely fastened. If tit is not it will prevent the Cyan toner cartridge from working.

Toner cartridges, Toner cartridges are light sensitive. Letting them sit in light will ruin them. Here is an example of what will happen.

No black with the Color LaserJet 3700, 3500 and 3550 series.
Light exposed ttoner cartridge