Renplace Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities for Renaissance Learning Enterprise Edition

Roles and responsibilities for the upkeep and use Renaissance learning products hosted on the district server.  It is my hope that this might help clear the confusion

Technology Department Duties
 • Make sure the servers are online, running backed up and up to date
 • Import school, staff, student, and roster data from campus into Renaissance on a weekly basis
 • Enter new subscription codes and loading of new libraries for the school when provided.
 • Make rights changes for building level support point people based on requests from the buildings

School Obligations and Duties
 • Designate a point person(s) as a building level manager
 • Make sure computers are booked marked for the page
 • Distribute student and staff user names and passwords(Same as Campus and accessed via district tools)
 • Assign access to the individual applications such as Star reading, Accelerated Reading, etc to specific classes.
 • Build custom classes and assign product, staff and students.
 • Train staff where appropriate
 • Troubleshoot issues with use of the products
 • Contact Renaissance technical support for issues with how the products perform.(800.338-4204 support id 158493)
 • Contact the Technology help desk with issue with the server being down or problems with the staff, student and roster information.

Renaissance Learning Duties(800.338-4204 support id 158493)
 • Provide upgrades to the products to the Technology department
 • Provide purchased libraries to the Technology department
 • Provide all support of the functionality or lack there of of the individual products and how to use them to the individual schools.
 • Provide training(for a fee) to buildings and staff

Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.