Senior High School Presenters

Arlington Senior High School
Staff: Lindsay Lowther
Title: The Why of Common Chemistry
Project Overview: Students used Urban Planet Forms, SMARTBoard Notebook, PowerPoint, Google Docs, iMovie, Microsoft Word, and Podcasting to create engaging presentations explaining the chemistry behind common everyday chemical reactions.

Arlington Senior High School
Staff: Mary Bejblik
Title: Geometer's Sketchpad
Project Overview: Students will demonstrate how they use Geometer's Sketchpad to create visualizations and investigate mathematical models, objects, figures, diagrams, and graphs as part of their geometry class.

Bridge View
Staff: Julie Huppertz
Title: Digital Photography
Project Overview: Students have learned to use a digital camera, edit and print photos, create slideshows, and notecards.

Central High School
Staff: John Elwell
Title: Presenting: German Day at the Minnesota Zoo
Project Overview: Students used laptop computers and various software packages including Garage Band and iPhoto and iMovie to create audio-video presentations of several zoo animals.  Using their own lyrics, they combined sound effects generated on the laptops and downloaded from the internet to make musical (hip-hop?) songtexts to accompany their videos.  Content research was done on German websites

Central Senior High School
Staff: Christine Schwichtenberg
Title: Cell Comic Book
Project Overview: Students created a comic strip about a part of the cell using the Comic Life software.  Students' comic strips educated others about the role their part played in the function of the cell.  The students researched their cell part, created a story to educate others about their part's functions, drew or acted out their story, and used their photos to create a comic on the computer.

Central Senior High School
Staff: Josh Hirman
Title: Analyzing Radio and Film Documentaries
Project Overview: This was a new course offering for Central this year.  The goal of the class was to look at documentary radio as forms of literature and communication.  Students analyzed many documentaries throughout the year and then created documentary projects of their own.

Central Senior High School
Staff: Matthew Shipman
Title: Communicating with Documentary Film
Project Overview: This was a new course offering for Central this year.  The goal of the class was to look at documentary films as forms of literature and communication.  Students analyzed many documentaries throughout the year and then created documentary projects of their own.     

Como Park Senior High School
Staff: Nancy Solo-Taylor and Suzanne Susens
Title: Google Earth Virtual Francophone Field trip
Project Overview: Imaginez que vous tes agent de voyage. Vous allez mener un voyage dans un pays francophone. Choisissez un pays fancophone. Faites des recherches sur votre pays et pr parez un itin raire pour votre voyage.

Gordon Parks High School
Staff: Paul Creager
Title: Gordon Parks Radio Project
Project Overview: We accomplish the state English standards through teaching the skills of radio production.  Students write storyboards, open-ended questions, outlines, proposals, and essays that become radio productions through the oversight of University of Minnesota journalism professors and Minnesota Public Radio reporters.

Harding High School
Staff: Peter Beck
Title: Podcast - Fascism Public Service Announcement
Project Overview: The student's task was to create a public service announcement / podcast as Mussolini would have, getting the message out to the public about what fascism is all about.  Students had to use the definition that Mussolini provides in encyclopedia definition (the primary document).  This definition, however, is difficult, and often vague.  Their job was to simplify the definition, but to still get at the major points.

Highland Park Senior High School
Staff: Randy Lehnen
Title: Measuring Calories in Food using Technology
Project Overview: Learning Goal:  The student will use a calorimeter to measure the caloric value of selected foods. Technology benefit:  Students will more quickly measure temperature changes and mass of food samples more quickly and accurately through temperature probes and electronic balances. Through the use of technology, students will be able to share data and disseminate patterns in a more accurate and efficient manner that would not otherwise be possible.

Humboldt Senior High School
Staff: Carrie Garcia
Title: Planet Research Project using GarageBand and iMovie
Project Overview: Students used books to research a planet and create a list of ten facts. Students used Microsoft Word to incorporate the ten facts about their planet and write the script for their movie project.  Students used the Internet and online resources to find pictures that correlate with the script for their project.  With the teacher's assistance, students recorded the audio for their project in GarageBand. Students used iMovie to merge their audio file with the pictures, title slides, and transitions.

Humboldt Senior High School
Staff: John Ekblad
Title: Crash iMovie
Project Overview: While studying momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions in physics, students applied these physics concepts to a real-world problem, automotive and highway safety.  Students used the Internet, physics textbooks, other electronic resources, and a ''virtual field trip'' to the school's automotive classroom to research the physics concepts and principles, as well as automotive safety devices.  After conducting research, students created a crash car and tested its performance using an egg.  Students used Comic Life and iMovie to document their understanding of the physics concepts and automotive safety devices; create a materials list; record the building process; and record the experiment. The use of digital media to demonstrate understanding replaced the usual research paper.

Johnson Senior High School
Staff: Dehl Gallagher
Title: WJHS News On The Job
Project Overview: Each day WJHS produces a 15 minute news and information program that highlights Johnson High School Students and staff. For the showcase, JHS students will capture video and edit a composite of many participants booths and their projects.

Johnson Senior High School
Staff: Eric Colchin
Title: Vernier Probeware in Biology, Dissolved oxygen and CO2 probes
Project Overview: Students will discover how the reactants and products of photosynthesis change during the light reaction. Using Vernier Probeware, students create a lab that shows dymamic change in CO2 concentration.

Johnson Senior High School
Staff: Sonja Olson
Title: Letters To The Next President Blog
Project Overview: Students used the Macbook mobile lab to map out their projects using the Inspiration program, then used SPPS Student Apps to write and edit their papers. They (autonomously) published their papers onto a blog called Letters To The Next President. The point of this project was to give the students the experience of publication from opinion to final draft. The students explored the project and did research on current events.

Johnson Senior High School
Staff: Jennifer Sundberg
Title: Constellations Report Publication
Project Overview: JHS Astronomy students have used many online and electronic resources to gather in synthesize information. To produce a report on their constellations, students used Google Earth Sky application to capture images, the Bradford Robotic Telescope for information, as well as online resources, and finally Apple Pages to publish a tri-fold brochure.

Staff: Stepahnie Fitzgerald
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